Saturday 12 May 2012

Beauty Swap With Ash (Romanianbutterfly206)

Hey everyone & Happy Saturday Evening :)

Here to share my swap experience yet again with Romanianbutterfly206's very own Ashley (will provide both youtube links to check out our video's) 

Such a fabulous person to have been able to do this swap with. I am simply blessed. As you know swap's take alot of work from both or all parties participating. Ashley and I spent a good month planning and waiting to ship our goodies out to one another. I would love to thank Ashley so very much , my package contained alot of great things - to name a few brands , -- lush , cargo , NYX , Essence , OPI ect.

If you would like to see everything , The links are to follow 

Below I will post images of what I was given. 
Again Thank you so much Ashley , Your wonderful! & Im so thankful for everything. 

Enjoy the pictures everyone 


  1. Wow! I watched the video before I saw the post and I just lovvee the swap. Your goodies to Ashley were soo nice as well!!:)

  2. It was really fun! I love doing swaps! :)

  3. great swap!! I'm wearing the essence wake up! right now!! I love the way the colour goes on, but the brush isn't the greatest. :/ I bought 8 of the I hope the others are better...

  4. Quick question for you..For Ashley I believe you got her the ELF conditioning balms? Where did you find those??

    Hope you have a great day with your Mum:)

  5. @Aleksandra , Im yet to try the one's I got in my swap , but thanks for letting me know about the brush :) Ill keep you posted on if the brushes are fine with these. @ Sabina , I actually purchased online at they always have amazing deals and great shipping deals too! The conditioning balms are fantastic! I highly recommend! :) , I also hope you have a great day with your mom :)

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