Beauty Box Canada is designed to share informative trends, discounts, sales and such! I welcome all who would like to contact Beauty Box Canada for the purpose of sending samples, sponsorship as well as product reviews

Please keep in mind any products I review will be based on my own opinion whether positive or negative and will not alter for compensation or free product ( please read disclaimer)

Beauty Box Canada blog is protected by copyrights and any use of it's materials, personal or otherwise, must be approved by myself 
megginlogan89 (at) gmail (dot) com  or utterlychaotic (web designer) Brea at : kaili.breanne (at) gmail (dot) com

If you have any questions/concerns or feedback please feel free to contact me with a subject heading that outlines the reason for your email and the level of concern as it directs : Any email that requires a response please allow 24 hours
If you are sending a Buissness Inquiry please include the following :
Name of Company :
A Little History:
Product for Review:
Webpage *if any*
Contact Information:
Again please allow 24 hours for a response

When contacting me for personal matter's please include the following :
Name :
Website or Blog : *will follow your blogs*
Contact Information:

I will get back to you as quick as possible and a 24 hour time frame is important , if I for some reason have not responded within the 24 hour time frame PLEASE re-submit an email with a higher level of importance, as I will be reading/responding to emails on the level of importance listed in the subject header.

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