Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Annabelle Cosmetics

Hello Beauties ,

I hope your all enjoying your week! Today I have a company/product round-up on a Canadian based makeup company in which I'm sure you have all heard of - Annabelle Cosmetics 
I am a true Canadian and love to share my thoughts on companies that I feel don't have a lot of recognition. During my teens I always used Annabelle products and eventually ventured out to other brands and I feel I left Annabelle in the dark. I was excited when I got the opportunity a few months back to be in touch with Annabelle's PR department to try some new and well liked products. I was excited to also find out Annabelle and Marcelle are sister companies as well, which Marcelle is a fantastic brand that I discovered for it's BB cream in 2012.

Biggy Zebra Bronzing Powder 

I feel this would be great for all skin tones, but for my medium skin tone is amazing! There are 5 shades in this beautiful bronzer. For someone who does not like shimmer (even though this is not overly shimmery) I feel this wouldn't be right for you. I find myself reaching for this product a lot more than my matte bronzers even in the winter, this is going to look even better in the summer. Retail: $11.95 CND

CC Colour Control Instant Perfecting Base Luminous Finish


I am a huge fan of BB creams! I always find myself reaching for them (even more than my high-end and drugstore foundations) I was excited to have the opportunity to try my first ever CC (colour correcting) cream. This is to be used to a base to foundation or on it's own. I liked this, but its not my favourite. I like how it corrects some redness, the bottle is perfect but it lacks sunscreen, doesn't reduce any of my fine lines or fill any of my pores as it claims. I think the luminous finish would look great in the summer over a nice tan rather than a foundation but like I said there is no sunscreen, so before applying some type of SPF is important. I also feel this is a little on the pricey side for 1 FL. OZ Retail: $16.95 CND

Smudgeliner - Ohmygoth!
LOVE this product. It reminds me of the Milani Liquifi pencils, These smudgeliner's glide on so smoothly, and the colour lasts super long on my eyes which makes this pencil better than the Milani liquifi, (yes, I love the Milani product) however - this is a go- to product now. There isn't much to say really besides, if your looking for a liner pencil that lasts a long time and does not tug on your lids, this is absolutely for you! Annabelle offers 11 additional colours in these Smudgeliners, and is well worth the retail value. Retail: $8.95 CND 

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  1. I agree. Annabelle doesn't get enough love. I'm also in the middle of rediscovering their products as I use to be a big consumer of them in my teens.