Saturday, 1 February 2014

Epicare "The Original Facial Hair Remover" Review

Hey Beauties,
I hope your all enjoying your weekend so far, I can not believe tomorrow will be the ending to this weekend! Here in Canada it's snowy and especially in my area it has been coming down so much, I really don't normally mind Winter , but this one feels overwhelming! Anyhow, enough with my rant .. today I bring a review on the Epicare facial remover.
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This product claims to be the first diy manual threading device to remove unwanted facial hair. It claims to remove any unwanted hair from the roots safely and effectively without damaging the skin. The Epicare tool claims to be environmentally friendly, convenient, easy and fast, compact, able to remove fine short facial hair quickly, offer finer hair re-growth, safe for all skin types, low risks of outbreaks, affordable and hypo-allergenic, so basically skip the waxing, laser treatments, string threading and tweezing to use this product.

Firstly, my hair on my face is medium amounts, I have fine very blonde hair around my jaw line, and upper lip which I always just used thread for prior. I was initially intrigued by this product. I like how its a spring, and its very easy to manoeuvre over the hair using a bend and roll motion. I didn't anticipate it would hurt as much as it. I have very sensitive skin, and although it says safe for all skin types , where I removed the hair was very red and it burned. I found it tugged more at my hair than anything. I feel if you have normal skin it would not irritate and it would be more effective, because, after a couple uses I put the tool down as it was just to irritating to continue.
Overall, the products effectiveness is great! I noticed my hair above my lip took longer to grow in, it doesn't grow in darker either which is super important to me. I feel if you have a larger area it may take a bit longer to achieve but its perfect for on the go. It is a bit on the pricey side $15.00 however if your like me who is stubborn about their face and wants to feel more glamorous , $15.00 really isn't to bad.

If you live in Canada, you can purchase this from NailPolishCanada by clicking here or if you live in the US you can go purchase by clicking here ! There are 8 colours to choose from, and for the lucky ones in the US there is also a "epipouch" carry case that can be purchased for $5.00

If you have tried this comment below and let me know how you like this product? 

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  1. I would totally get one! It looks kind of fun to use! Although, you can get these from for around $2...great review though!