Thursday, 14 March 2013

Goodbye RSS Reader = Hello New Beginnings

Hello Beauties ;
As you all may be aware Google Reader has decided to end it's "spring cleaning" by removing google reader as of July 1st 2013. With that being said all of us users have just over 3 months to find another RSS Reader. I also beleive that means GFC will indeed be gone as well. Although sad, and very unexpected google is attempting to make our changes to another RSS reader an easy one by offering Google Takeout the purpose of Google Takeout is to be able to keep a copy of all your data reader information. Everything from Google Takeout will be stored in a xml file as well as json files <-- which keep your information on followers, others you were following, starred blogs, ect.
Dont let this get you down ; we have other sources to carry on in the blogger community, think of it as a change of scenery, we all love those right?
There are many options, the main 2 for me right now are blog lovin' which you can already find my blog on at this link : I am also looking into converting my entire blog to wordpress (will keep you all posted) and to top it off I have been considering to have my blog re designed as I am now looking for something more professional.

I will update you all on my journey. To my fellow Beauty Bloggers, Hang in there!

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