Tuesday 5 March 2013

Clear : Scalp and Hair 7 Day Challenge

Hello Beauties :  I hope today begins happy - I am wrapping up my day with a post for you all. I was privilaged to take the Clear shampoo + conditioner 7 day challenge : This challenge was to see if the Clear shampoo and conditioner really lived up to its promises : The promise from Clear was by using this shampoo and conditioner you would be gaurenteed stronger more beautiful hair in only 7 days. ... well here is my input on that :
The following is my 7 day tracker and over all rating of Clear in combination with my hair :

Clear Scalp 7 Day Challenge :

Hair Type: Fine, Color treated, bleached, hot iron use

Day 1: Received February 25th 2013 : first use was great : I loved the smell I however feel the shampoo did not lather as much as I’d like, I love the after smell and how the product lingers in my hair ; the conditioner was not to thick and made my hair super silky and a little went along way

Day 2: February 26th 2013: Second use; Was super excited to use this again, the smell is the greatest part so far, I noticed my hair was not as greasy (normally overnight my hair is greasy as I have thin oily hair, the main reason I wash daily) typical though, I am not seeing a difference in strength it is only the second day.

Day 3: February 27th 2013: When I used this today I wasn’t so impressed after the conditioner I let my hair air dry and it seemed really coarse. I do have bleach in my hair but it just seemed blah today! Perhaps just a build up of product, -- time for a deep condition.

Day 4: February 28th 2013: Did I mention the smell, I have been tracking the progress in my note pad on my device and everyone loves the smell including me! Today I also let my hair air dry and I used the flat iron I do still tend to see coarse-ness in my hair. I noticed this so suddenly I’m wondering if I just never noticed it as much before, my hair lacks shine – hmmm.

Day 5: March 1st 2013: I really do not like this shampoo and conditioner at all at this point, it’s not for me – my hair is just not working well with it. The coarse feeling and lack of shine is really disappointing – But as promised 7 days!

Day 6 and 7 – March 2nd and 3rd 2013: This product did nothing for my hair. The reason I did not like is the feeling of my hair, it felt clean but it didn’t look healthy. It didn’t repair my hair or even make it look shiny. I also noticed my hair beginning to fall out alot more. I would absolutely not purchase this product as it was just not the right combination with my hair.

Total rating: 2/10  The smell was just about the only positive thing I can say; besides it did the job of a basic clean. I did not like anything about how it made my hair feel or look and to top it off it made my hair fall out more with brushing and cleaning than normal. I think I will stick with my Lush BIG shampoo!