Monday 22 October 2012

Spicy Subscriptions Blog

Hey Beauties,
Recently myself and Ashley from Steps To Perfection Blog have had the opportunity to blog for Spicy Subscriptions, We are so super excited to be blogging and making exciting post's for all of you to read. There is a lot of amazing information explaining Spicy Subscriptions and beyond. Spicy Subscriptions Blog only has a few postings right now, but that is all in the midst of changing, Ashley and I will be posting reviews there every month for you all to see, as well as other exciting posts. We would all really love some support as we get started,
Spicy Subscriptions Blog , is through Blogger and GFC , which is awesome! So I can give credit to everyone who is following :)
Please follow Spicy Subscriptions Blog Here, If you're not familiar with Spicy Subscriptions please also take a moment to read all about them on their webpage, here
Also , If you're interested in signing up for a monthly , quarterly or yearly membership there is a lot of savings!! For monthly memberships , please use discount code : romance110 at checkout to receive 5% off your first premium or deluxe Spice Box. 
Also , be sure you're following Spicy Subscriptions on all their Social Media sites, as they are currently offering a GIVEAWAY for 1000 likes ! A DELUXE Spice Box is up for grabs, and I promise you don't want to miss out. Be Sure to let them know : Beauty Box Canada sent you! Also , In the next few weeks I will be hosting MY VERY OWN SPICY SUBSCRIPTIONS GIVEAWAY! This is also, something I don't want any of you to miss out on , So keep an eye out for this as well!

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