Thursday, 25 October 2012

Lush "BIG Shampoo" Review

Hey Beauties , What a gorgeous Fall day it was today , I have been loving the weather and have finally gotten around to taking some photo's of the amazing colors and such. I hope you all enjoyed this weather if you're in Northern Ontario today, as I know cooler days are to come.
Recently I have been testing out a Lush product that is hyped about a lot here in the beauty community, The product is Lush BIG Shampoo.
Now I know this is reading French , and it is because I received this as a swap gift from Cecile in France, However I already knew all about it before I even received it. There is so many things I love about this Shampoo and can honestly say the only thing I am not fond on is the size. I wish there was a lot more product  so I never ran out ( Yes, It is really THAT good)

The formulation is absolutely divine. Mixed with 50% sea-salt and minerals this shampoo takes limp coarse hair to a whole new level. I honestly thought it wouldn't lather that well just by having it in my hands but I was mistaken, the sea salt takes away oils , by removing dead skin cells and dirt. I am a little confused on why they call it "BIG" because to me there is no volume effect  it just makes my hair feel really clean. I also love with this product that I DO NOT have to use a conditioner. I find conditioners build up in the hair and softness and shine does not last, but by just applying BIG it does, this is probably because of the extra virgin coconut oil and avocado butter.
Bottom line is I would definitely recommend this product for an amazing clean. However if you're looking for something to boost your hair's volume this is not the shampoo to use as it doesn't really have a volumizing effect.
I was super late to hop on the Lush band wagon but since I have, I have been super happy. Their products continue to amaze me and I am hoping to be placing my first online order for some good holiday treats :)

What do you think of Lush? Have you tried the BIG Shampoo? If so what are your thoughts? Comment Below I Would Love To Hear From You

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