Thursday 20 September 2012

Eldora Handmade False Lashes Review

Hello Beauties! I have a great little review for you all if your into false lashes! Today I had the chance to finally try a pair of lashes I have been eyeing since doing my swap with Leigh from the United Kingdom. I received a pair of Eldora Handmade lashes as they are not accessible to me here in Canada, these lashes were made in Indonesia but distributed by Eldora UK. False lashes have always been hit and miss with me, trying many brands, shapes and sizes. I really adore the Eldora lashes. I have visited their website (which you can also check out here) to find out Eldora sell's many types of false lashes - from real human hair, synthetic and beyond.

The type of lashes I will be showing are the B115 under the catagory "Dark Synthesis" : Described on the site under this catagory it read's "Get instant volume and length to your lashes with our black lashes collections! The more delicate lashes are highly recommended for everyday use. For a full-on look, go for the bold ones" and let me just say bold they are!
Look at these! Volume indeed! These are wispy and light (just how I love my lashes) I have long lashes to begin with but these sure do add a pop to the eye. Also what is great about all Eldora lashes is that they can be re-used with proper care.
These lashes can be purchased on the website -- for £3.90 which is equivalent to $6.17 Canadian. Eldora does ship internationally, for £4.90 ($7.75 CND) or free after £20.00 ($31.65 CND) I do  find this a bit pricey, however for the quality you could get a couple great pairs for your money.

Overall rating for these lashes : 9/10
I can honestly say the only thing I did not like was having to trim them. I know sometimes it's a must but it felt like I took away from some of the product, maybe that's just me! The lashes apply very nice with a great adhesive (I used DUO lash adhesive) there was adhesive inside the package however I trust in my DUO as it has never let me down.
Bottom Line 
 I really like this brand of lashes, and I will be purchasing more from the site to add to my collection of lashes 

What do you all think? YAY or NAY? Would you purchase from Eldora?

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