Saturday, 22 September 2012

Beauty Box Canada Weekly Wants? + Upcoming Posts + Life!

Hello Beauties , I hope you all have enjoyed your weekend (and still continue) I had a great Friday night enjoying Finding Nemo 3D (I had to borrow friends children to justify my needs of going) but aside from that it was a lot of fun. My weekly wants are a bit different this week, because oddly enough there is nothing I have wanted. I am doing a bunch of beauty swaps at the present moment so I haven't had the chance to even focus on what I want or would like to have. Also, I have some up coming post's that are going to be great to share with you all * Stay tuned for those *
I will post all my beauty swaps as they wrap up in October and late November as well!
I really would love to expand my numbers for my blog, and I want to know what you all like reading, what I should change or maybe what I should include in up coming posts! You can comment below as I would absolutely LOVE hearing from you!
I know this post is a little out of the norm , but I did not want to NOT post! So an update was a must!
One last thing, I want to apologize for being a little distant on my pages. I have been going through a bit of a rough time as I am currently in the process of finalizing my husbands trip back to his home Country in Trinidad & Tobago, (this has not been easy as it is a long duration of a "trip" but I guess that's here nor there) as well we are dealing with the ever so unpleasant sponsorship process (if you know about this I send hugs, it also is NOT easy!) , So for those of you who continue to support Beauty Box Canada Id like to say Thank you, I really enjoy posting for you all and sharing my passion for Beauty and Fashion!
I wish you all a great rest of your weekend, and I will be posting soon,
A little words of wisdom ! ox.
Cheers Beauts;


  1. I hope it will all work out for you and your husband! *big virtual hug*
    Take your time with posting posts, I mean your personal is much more important than you blog. Do what you always do and everything will be alright.

    1. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement Ellen , sending virtual hugs back <3 , xx.