Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mid Week NOTD

Just another NOTD for you all ! My main color today was a Zoya polish in "Kimber" The perfect red/pink color with gold sparkly flecks! I added an Aussie brand as my "accent" color on my ring finger on both hands ... BYS in "Gold Lustre" although Zoya's polish has flecks of gold I really wanted more gold shimmer for a POP! After one coat of Zoya and one coat of BYS I topped it off the Seche Vite top coat!

I really enjoy sharing my NOTD's with you all ! How do you like to keep your mani looking fresh? Do you paint frequently or do you spend tons of dollars getting acrylics or gels? Either or, comment below; would love to hear from you!


  1. Pretty! I used to spend money on acrylics but I much rather change it up as I please! I like shopping for polishes and grabbing from new collections and such!

    1. I, like you , used to spend a lot of money on acrylics and gels as well! Not only did it damage my nails long term in means of ridges on my nail bed the cost did not amount for the short amount of time they stayed on. I adore having the ability to paint my nails freely to match an outfit or a season. I am a nail polish addict, so I will never need all that harsh junk on my nails again!