Sunday, 16 September 2012

Beauty Blogger Bunch Blog Hop

Hello Lovies, :) Join Beauty Blogger Bunch Blog Hop !! Please add your link below and hop around to discover new blogs! Enjoy :) & if your interested be sure to make a post on your blog by grabbing a script over at "A Beauty Blog" By Ashley Elizabeth , All you have to do is click on Ashley Elizabeth, Host image below and it will take you directly to her blog! Make sure you look for the title "Beauty Blogger Bunch Blog Hop" to be able to grab a script!


  1. How did you add someone elses blog hop on your blog?

    I also love your blog design. Simple but Bold. My type! Following

    Found you from Beauty Blog Hopping :

    1. Thanks so much for your support Mirnita :) I was able to post the blog hop to my blog via Link tool by widget or using HTML format through blogger. My design was done by Bri from UtterlyChaotic , she is amazing and gives you great options and exactly what you want :)
      Following back <3