Saturday, 15 September 2012

Spicy Subscriptions Return's To Canada! - Adult Post 18+

Hello Beauties , Happy Saturday! I have been corresponding with Spicy Subscritptions for a couple of weeks as they announced their return to Canada. It wasn't offical until today; so please welcome back Spicy Subscription. There have been a bit of changes and I will include them below, but for an overview if your unfamiliar with Spicy Subscriptions please read my post introducing them a while back here! You can also check out my first Spicy Box Review here
 This time the Spice Box is BETTER THEN EVER

You can now choose from one of two options:

1) Premium Spice Box ($19.99/Month) -
4-8 Trial-Sized Products
1 Intimate Toy
1 Full Sized Product (On special Occasions)
That's right, every month Spicy Subscriptions will be including an intimate toy and on special occassions (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and Summer Special), you'll also receive a full-sized product to go along with your 4-8 trial sized products and 1 intimate toy.
You simply can't go wrong with the newer and better Spice Box!

2) Deluxe Spice Box ($34.99/Month) -
4-8 Trial-Sized Products
1 Deluxe Toy
1 Deluxe Accessory
1 Full Sized Product
There's so much in the Deluxe Spice Box and at the price of $34.99 you really can't go wrong! You will see it for yourself once you unpack your first box!

Along with monthly subscriptions Spicy Subscriptions is now offering quarterly (4 months) and yearly (12 month) services on both the Premium and Deluxe Subscriptions!
 If you have not subscribed please use ROMANCE110 at check out to save 15% on your very first Spice Box!!
  • Month To Month - You will get 15% Off Using ROMANCE110
  • 4-Month Package - You will get 15% Off Using ROMANCE110
  • 12-Month Package - You will get your 1st Spice Box Free and 7% Off Using ROMANCE110

    PLEASE NOTE : Spicy Subscription is charging a Shipping Fee to Canada of $3.00 plus any applicable taxes.
Remember-- This is a CANCEL ANYTIME service
(But with these contents that wouldn't be necessary) 

Welcome Back Spicy Subscriptions!


  1. Any idea of the Canadian shipping cost?

    1. Yes , Bec it's $3.00 and about $2.90 taxes, in total for Ontario it's an additional $5.90 per box but aside from that I believe you will save more if you choose the quarterly or yearly subscription

  2. Replies
    1. Of course , my pleasure :) Stay tuned for some exciting posts :)