Monday, 4 June 2012

Face-Eye-Lip Makeup Brush's & There Use

I think we have all wondered why there is such need for so many Makeup brushes and what is the use for every specific brush? Look no further I'm going to break it down. First and foremost Id like to think Makeup brushes are used in to 3 main categories ; Face - Eyes - Lips 

Face brushes are designed to apply foundation, concealer, any sort of powder (setting powder) and blush/bronzer. There will be an individual brush for each Makeup product applied on the face but are used differently by each individual.

Face Brushes ; 

Foundation Brush: A brush in which have a thick, rounded appearance. They help apply the foundation evenly onto ones face offering full coverage. Foundation brushes can come in different sizes to suit all preferences. The hairs of the foundation brush can easily be cleaned with a special brush cleaning solution. Depending on which type of foundation you use you should stay away from liquid with real hair as this can cause the brushes to ruin.

Concealer Brush:  A concealer brush is smaller than a foundation brush just because they need to apply the concealer to a small or localized area. They help give a perfect look by concealing any dark spots/blemishes on the face.

Powder Brush: This is a brush that can be used to apply any powder and are commonly used to apply powder foundation or setting powders. These brushes have long bristles and they have a rounded appearance. The brushes can have a compact or longer end depending on ones personal preference.

Blush Brush: A blush brush is smaller than a powder brush as they are meant to apply the blush on a specific area. The blush brush can also be slightly angled for a more precises application and are commonly used on the apples of ones cheek or to use to contour. Blush brush's are also used for highlighting the face.

Highlighting Brush: A highlighting brush is a fan shaped, long bristled brush meant to help highlight certain areas of the face such as one's nose bridge and cupids bow.

Eye brushes are the most diverse makeup brushes that are used for eye makeup because there are a variety of makeup styles to choose from, and each makeup style has it's own characteristics.

Eye Brushes; 

Eye Defining Brush:  An eye defining brush is an angled shaped brush with small bristles. They are meant to aid lining the eyes, defining and filling the eyebrows

Eyeshadow Brush: This brush is used to evenly apply eyeshadow on the eyelid. The brush usually has medium size bristles which will not make the ends hard or too soft. 

Blending Brush:  A blending brush is very useful when using multiple eyeshadow colors for your makeup. These brushes have a softer end than the eyeshadow brushes to allow the eyeshadow's to blend together, a blending brush is great for blending out any harsh look with apply those multiple eye shadow colours.

Crease Brush: A crease brush is a precise brush with long and fluffy bristles. This brush allows for a perfect application along the crease of the eye and are meant to add depth to eye Makeup.

Smudge Brush:  A smudge brush is perfect for creating smokey looks. This brush has soft bristles and is great for smudging any of your Makeup.

The lips are very important in Makeup  and this is why lip brushes have been created and used by so many. 

Lip Brushes;

Lip Brush:
  The lip brush comes in many different shapes and sizes but are typically a tiny brush that allows lipstick or gloss to be perfectly applied around the entire lip area. A lip brush has a firm and thin end meant to give more control over the overall application. 

There are many different brush collection's out there, My recommendation is to always review and look for pro and con specifics on the quality, the control one has with each brush, and the overall use.
I really hope Ive helped explained each brush type. I know there are different names , and different uses to some individuals but that's the beauty of Makeup there is no right or wrong :) 

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