Sunday, 3 June 2012

E.L.F 11 Piece Brush Set Review

I never really was one to break down and spend alot of money on makeup brushes and the reason for that is because I find there are so many set's out there and I guess basically I was close minded to certain things , such as cleanliness and the overall purpose. I also wasn't educated on the specific uses of each brush either, I knew the basics like the powdered brush and blush brush but there is so much more to everyday makeup brushes then that. 

I did research as well, I compared prices and quality with alot of brands. Brands like: Sonia Kashuk , Sigma , Quo, MAC, Sedona Lace, E.L.F est. 

I educated myself on which did what when it comes to application , that was done when I first began watching YouTube video's a long while ago. (Youtube is wonderful)

I didn't want to spend a lot of money for my first set of brushes , and alot of brands were out of reach to me or just didn't seem logical to spend a great deal of money at first. 

After much review I decided to purchase the 11 piece e.l.f brush set for $30.00 from their website.
I waited about 1 week from the date of purchase to get the brushes so it wasn't long at all. (Canada usually takes longer)

I have been using them now for months, and I can honestly say I love them. For beginners or people looking for a high quality brush set for less I would highly recommend these. 
The brushes are so soft, (when I reviewed them this was something always positive about the brushes) but I didn't really think that they would be this soft and continue to remain soft even after many cleaning's. The case is so convenient for travel and the handles are light weight and very controllable. Also these synthetic brushes are great for both liquid and powder formulas and with honesty I can say even after much use my brushes hardly shed!

The brush set includes
  • Sleek, Water-Resistant Case
  • Eyeshadow "C" Brush
  • Complexion Brush
  • Small Angled Brush
  • Small Smudge Brush
  • Fan Brush
  • Powder Brush
  • Angled Foundation Brush
  • Concealer Brush
  • Small Precision Brush
  • Blush Brush
  • Contouring Brush

The only thing I could say that is minor that I would like to see e.l.f do or perhaps they should include in this set , is brush cleaner+shampoo, it would be great to have those things included.

So to close , I recommend these greatly. Even now that I have sigma brushes and such I will continue to love my e.l.f brushes :)


  1. I have a couple of their brushes, and have find that some are amazing while others shed easily. It seems to be hit or miss. I'm glad yours are a hit!

  2. Is it from their studio collection there a miss for you? or their essential/mineral collection. I find their essential collection to be horrible! not soft at all and shed alot , I really love the e.l.f studio brush set!

  3. I've honestly never really used brushes before. I've been blessed with clear skin, and don't wear foundation/blush or concealer.
    I don't even know what they're for. Displaying my ignorance here. But I'd love to see a post about different uses.

  4. Thanks for your feedback :) , this was just a review but if you'd like I could do another post explaining the use of each brush :)

  5. I have done a blog post for whom ever is interested on makeup brushes and their use :)