Friday, 22 June 2012


TGIF Readers, I love sharing things with all of you , especially on a hott summer day in Ontario! I know I should be out catching some UV rays! But let's face it , as much fun as that sounds I really wanted to do this post. I came across a post from Ashley over at Steps To Perfection (go follow her blog, her post's are great)  her post was New Drugstore Products: Lusting After [Drugstore Edition]. It was a post of all the drugstore beauty products she's just lusting to try, what an awesome post! I loved it so much I figured Id keep it going, besides Ashley there is another blogger Sabina who also did a post like this on her blog Beauty Blogs And More (click the link to check her out) it's a great way to compare what's hot with different bloggers. So without further a-do , here are my DrugStore Must Have's

  1. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain : Now these are a hot item! Not only for myself but many other's as well. I love that they stain and have the balm effect! (we all know how some lip sticks dry our lips) I have heard great things about these and I can not wait to get my hands on them!
  2. Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush : These look so fun! Why not have a little entertainment while applying your makeup , Hello "bouncy blush" you'll soon be an added part of my COLLECTION ;) 
  3. Orly Feel The Vibe Collection : Summer is all about those hot NEONS! (well for me anyway) who doesn't love sun kissed skin with a hot neon? This collection is one of my most favorite Drug Store must have's with names like "Melt Your Popsical", "Day Glow", "Skinny Dip" and "After Party" who really wouldn't want this in their collection 
  4. Maybelline Collosal Volume Mascara:  I love Maybelline's mascara , The formula is always so great and I have heard great things about this specific one. I love falsies , and mega plush so this would be a great added bonus to my maybelline mascara collection. 
  5. NYX Cosmetics HD Studio Foundation : I want this so bad! I just haven't been able to find it online! For NYX I usually shop at but it takes so long, I haven't been able to bring myself to buy from there in a while, but when I do I will most definitely be adding this to my cart!
  6. E.L.F Studio Mini Stipple Brush : I use E.L.F brush's daily , I love them and can not stress that enough! When I see a new brush come out I must have it! Great for small and hard to reach foundation applications , heck Im in! 
  7. E.L.F Studio Mascara and Shadow Shield : I think we have all had makeup run , or loose shadow fall, and its such a pain to touch up! & Im sure I can speak for most , the tape/paper method works but lets be real , who wants to use that on our skin? I need to add this to my collection pronto! I order from e.l.f often , this will be in my next order, it's a steal for $3.00
  8. Malani Lip Flash Shimmer Gloss Pencil : Im specific to one colour and that's Star Flash! I am going to be picking it up soon! Such a gorgeous pink colour , Like a barbie pink, With the same effect as the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm stain , why not? 
Well there you have it ! My 8 must have DrugStore Beauty Products! I hope you guys enjoyed seeing my must have's! If your interested please do a post such as this , then comment and leave a link, Id love to have a look! I hope you all enjoy your weekend 


  1. Love those balms soo much! I can't wait to get my hands on "Charm". Love seeing what other people are lusting after:)