Friday 22 June 2012

Be A Beauty Correspondent : Surprise From Ronda - Sleek Cosmetics

I was so happy to check my mail this morning and see a package marked "gift" , from such an amazing person I have had the opportunity to do swap goodies with this past month. It all started when I joined Be A Beauty Correspondent (click the name to go to their Facebook page) I had posted about this earlier in my blog Canada To France Beauty Correspondent Exchange (click to read the post). Ronda and I decided we were going to remain beauty correspondents with one another, It has been such a treat to know her! She was so kind to send me some Sleek Cosmetics products from the UK. (Sleek is not in Canada) I had told her I really wanted to try sleek ! What a gem she is. Thank you so much again Ronda, <3

She sent me the following items : Sleek Mini High Shine Lipgloss (strawberry) Nailed Polish in the colour "Geisha's Seal" (gorgeous deep red) Sleek Duo Dip it "Jet Black" (mascara and felt tip eye liner) Sleek 2 step Wonder Last Lip Colour and Lip Gloss Duo (Colour is soft suede) and a Sleek I-Divine Au Neatruel Palette (all nude and natural colours) 

Thank you so , so much once again Ronda and I can not wait to continue on our Beauty Correspondent Exchange Journey , Everyone go check out Be A Beauty Correspondent on Facebook, and if your interested in an exchange make a wall post it really is amazing to experience beauty from all over the world. 


  1. Wow, that's a nice one! :) I'm in the process of doing my first one with a girl in France! Her English isn't the greatest..but I think we're just going to swap a julep for one of her nail ones (she gets 3 different!) and her glossybox for my glossybox..and further down summer we'll do personalized boxes. :)

  2. It was a great surprise , :) She is also from France, she speaks great English so that is wonderful! I am also doing a swap with someone from the UK , I really want to try soap and glory ;) I enjoy swaps , I am doing 3 as we speak , Canada - Canada , Canada-France and Canada-UK it's so worth it! The box swaps are an awesome idea as well Ronda sent her beauty box to me last month it was neat to see the different things. Im trying her glossy this month and Ill be sending her my glossy :) Let me know how everything goes , Id love to read a blog post about it ! xx