Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Hey ladies , 

I did a little elf haul a few days ago and now that I have received my products I can do some reviews. First and for most I love elf. There so inexpensive but yet I find the products are on the high quality end. It's really a win win :) 
I normally polish my fingers daily to match the outfit im wearing or if im not feeling a new polish I will touch up if need be. My nails always look great and I can say this because I feel one's first impression besides the face would be hands, (especially if your like me who speaks using both my mouth and my hands lol) 

Tip for today - keep polish looking polished at all times even if your not into polish , a clear coat is great for a nude look as well as it keeps the nails strong. 

The products I used today are : 
Elf Brand in the polish colours mint cream and dessert haze

On my 8 fingers - (discluding the middle fingers) I used the colour mint cream which is the light turquoise mint colour. 

And as an accent colour for both middle fingers I used the colour dessert haze. 

Overall I love these colours. There subtle and perfect for spring time. I would definitely recommend trying out E.L.F products , Not only their products are fantastic but their polish is as well.

Thanks for reading 

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