Wednesday, 18 April 2012

April 2012 Glymm Box

This month I received my Glymm Box subscription first in the mail, Although I've received about 6 box's from Glymm in total I feel they have went down hill in mean's of their products. Subscribers use to receive the jelly beans which added such a great touch to the box but for a couple month's now they have not been there. Certainly not a make or break for me I held on in hopes that something more exciting was in store. Unfortunately I needed to cut one of my beauty box subscriptions as I'm currently subscribed to over 5. This month was my last for glymm for while, hopefully they continue to offer great services and I look forward to dealing with them in the future. 

#1.  Lucia Soap. The product came in a sample size of  25G which is equivalent to 0.88 oz , a full size product includes 8 soaps of that size for $17.50. This was an exclusive to Glymm and Lucia soaps have 2 signature scents N0.1 Goat Milk & Linseed and N0.6 Wild Ginger and Fig. My sample was N0.1 , The smell is soft and milky and I can not wait to try it.

#2 . Atelier Cologne in the scent Orange Sanguine. Glymm's sample size included a tester tube of product and a post card. Full size product retails for 30ml -$60.00 and 200 ml - $165.00. This product was also and exclusive to Glymm. The smell is a strong tangerine smell with a slit hit  of a more masculine smell. 

# 3 Free your mane sulfate free hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Glymm's sample size of each packet included 7.4 ml of product. Full size product retails for 300 ml at $16.00 a bottle. Glymm Exclusive! This product helps to rebuild hair's moisture balance, blended with baobab oil from Africa, Argan Oil from Morocco, as well as pomegranate seed oil and sweet almond oil. 

#4. Mai Couture Social Gloss. Glymm included a full size product of this social gloss retailing for 5ml $28.00  which paid for the entire cost of my box for the month of April. Colour -- Femme Fatale , A mixture of plant extracts to enhance lip volume without allergen. 

#5. BONUS ** 
NU.ME $100 Gift Certificate towards professional styling tools and hair extensions. If your following this blog please use NUME100 as your promo code at checkout to take advantage of this $100.00 savings.

Thanks for reading :) What was your thoughts on the April 2012 Glymm Box 


  1. I like your lip gloss colour better! Also, my soap was No. 6.

  2. The lip gloss is an alright shade , I am just not one for sticky gloss. & the soap does smell great No.1 that is