Monday, 23 April 2012

Favourite Product Reviews

Hey everyone , I thought it would be appropriate to rave a little about what products I consider my favourite. 

*Disclaimer - I am not paid or associated with any of the companies that make/sell these products these are favorited by myself and my reviews are my own personal judgement* 

The first product I thought id mention is Sally's Beauty Supply one-n'-only argan oil. This is an in expensive leave in and non-greasy hair oil. You can apply when your hair is towel dried or dried. The product leaves your hair feeling so smooth and is super shiny. For 3.4 oz of product it retails for $9.99 CAD with tax. This is a great price because the application is the amount of the tip of a finger and last's until your next shampoo.

 Another one of my favourites is a hair product I use to save $ but have great result. This product is used to colour hair in many ways. I use this product for bleaching purposes. I find this product easy to handle as some bleaches can be very powerful with damage on one's hair. For anyone looking to use bleach to do chunks/highlights ext, I suggest researching what would best suit your hair. Ask a professional if you are not sure. Although many professionals want you to go to them for colouring some will suggest what will not damage your hair as much. Thanks to much research and professional suggestions I found what Ive been using for about 1 -11/2 years. 

Both products shown below were under $10.00 CAD , and had plenty left to do 1-2 others hair chunks as well. This product can be found at shoppers drug mart and any drug store that sells ice cream products. 

Who doesn't love a great face moisturiser? Well for me Ive always struggled to find one that wouldn't make my face break out. I have very sensitive skin and no matter what brand I used to moisturises my face I always ended up with break out's until I tried the proactive green tea moisturiser. The product is pronominal. It leaves your face feeling so smooth and non greasy. It locks moisture for the entire day. I use it 2x daily , in the morning and evening. Being a sceptic on all proactive products , I really believe proactive works for certain individuals , what work's for some may not work for others and after having such bad skin and break outs I broke down and bought proactive. I honestly have not had a bad experience with proactive , although its a bit drying the moisturiser works to offside the dryness and leaves your face silky smooth. This product retails for $25.00 CAD or can be bought with the proactive system. 

Revlon Color burst Lip Butter is also another one of my favourite products. This lip butter is amazing and highly recommended. In the colour cotton candy the colour is a subtle pink , It has such a great texture and can cure the feeling of chapped lips in no time. I think the product stays on for a great length as well as the colour. The packaging is super adorable almost like the Revlon color burst lipstick, the difference is one is a lipstick and one is a lip butter and the lip butter's packaging is in a more transparent plastic then the lipstick's packaging. This product retails for (around) $5.00 CAD

Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter swatched - Cotton Candy

The last product which I love , is the Maybelline instant age rewind dark circle eraser concealer. With it's "micro filler" applicator it makes it easy to use and smooth into the skin. This concealer lasts all day and it's coverage is excellent. This product retails between $8-11 CAD and can be bought at any drug store.

What do you all think of these products? Have you tried them?


  1. Great post hun!! Hmm maybe ill try that argan oil once i am out of my current one !

  2. The argan oil is a-mazing , some oils can be expensive so I was happy to share this with everyone:)