Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Hair Product & Hair Accessory SWAP with Adrienne

Doing a swap first and for most takes a lot of effort from both or all participating, It takes planning, organization, time and effort as well as trust and friendship to do a swap. After reaching out and asking who would be interested in a swap with me on my Facebook page , A "subscriber" of Beauty Box Canada , (Adrienne) decided she would like to. Adrienne was very sure what she wanted to swap from the beginning, not into much of the beauty products but more into hair items we both decided on a hair product/hair accessory swap. After weeks of planning , organization and shopping we finally agreed to ship our packages on Friday April 20th , Adrienne sent her package but I had to unfortunately wait until Monday April 23rd to send mine as Canada Post was short on postage boxes in my area. I was very surprised when I checked my mail to find Adrienne's goodies already here in only 2 business days.

I have decided to share what was given in our swap , and if Adrienne decides to send pictures I will post them soon. 
I want to thank Adrienne , I absolutely loved all the products given , and I'm forever grateful for such great people whom I meet daily. 

All the great goodies , Thanks again Adrienne :)

The first thing was Matrix shampoo and conditioner. I am new to matrix as I have never heard of this brand before , after researching a bit I have come to realize these are from a salon. These are moisture shampoo and conditioner and I absolutely can not wait to try them.
The next product is also made by Matrix , also being a salon product , it is a 2 phase treatment that goes along side the shampoo and conditioner. The package indicates it to instantly revitalizes internal and external hair fiber with long lasting moisture and nourishment. 

The next product is a redken product. This product is a cooling deep conditioner. Its said to add moisture to the hair while it cools and soothes the scalp at the same time. I especially am intreged by the formula in this product such as : sea algae, aloe vera, and soy protein to protect the hair. Another product I'm so excited to try!!

Another product I was sent by Adrienne is called BLACK   in 1 miracle hair treatment. The purpose of this product is to add total recharge to your hair in 15 ways but mixed in one bottle. It's said to make your hair shine , soften and smooth, de-tangles, prevents frizz and fly aways , moisturises, protects against humidity, protects against heat styling, enhances natural body, seals and protects hair color, protects from UV light, strengthens, adds volume, soothes dry scalp and works instantly. I am super excited to try this all in one product and will be sharing my thoughts soon :)

The last product that Adrienne sent was I.Feathers by Satin Strands.14' synthetic heat resistant hair extension feathers in the color teal. I absolutely love hair feathers and have all the tools to apply them. The package included 4 14' feather extensions and the link attachments as well.  I have always loved hair feather extensions but have never tried teal. It will be neat to see how they fit into spring attire. 

Again , thank you so much Adrienne I loved everything and I hope you love everything I picked for you as well. 

** UPDATE ** 
April 27/2012 
Adrienne has informed me she has gotten everything I have sent to her. YAY! Here is a picture below of what I got her 

Products she received :
You Curl Curling Wand : Conair

Dove Style +Care Hair Spary
Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo
Scunci Style + Lift Tease Comb
Scunci Bobby Pins Pack + Carry Case
Billie Nail Polish - Silver

Im so glad she liked everything :)

* If anyone is interested in swap details or doing a potential swap with me you can email or facebook me for further information*
email - megginlogan89@gmail.com
facebook- www.facebook.com/beautyboxcanada


  1. Great stuff ! That redken deep conditioner sounds awesome ! :O Lemme know what u think of it !!! <3

  2. Ashley I was able to try it and it's simply amazing , the cooling effect it leaves while deep conditioning is amazing especially after a long day , Highly recommended. Check all your local beauty salon's :)

  3. Will do hun ! I wanna get me some of those dove products u got her i have smelt them and they smell amazing !!!!