Friday 27 April 2012

April 2012 Loose Button Luxe Box + Daffodil Cancer Awareness

Hey everyone , 

 Today I received my April Luxe Box complements of Loose Button , I was extremely satisfied with my box as always so shout out to Loose Button for continuing to make great boxes and supply their subscribers with great products. 

Getting right into it , I first would like to show my support for Cancer awareness and place a daffodil on this blog post. Cancer has touched my family's life and I have lost a very close family member to Lung Cancer. So this is my way of showing my awareness  

April Edition Loose Button Luxe Box offered many great products , I love the added touch of a personalized box. Made especially for me 

The first product I received in April's box was a china glaze nail polish in the colour "polarized" this was a full size product of 14ml retailing for $8.00

The next product I received was Yves Rocher gentle eye makeup remover for sensitive skin. Which I also felt was personalized as I did mention in my beauty profile I do have very sensitive skin to most products. Im excited to try this makeup remover as I have never tried anything from Yves Rocher. This sample size was 50 ml and a full size is 125 ml and retails for $6.00

The third sample was bobos remi leave in conditioner. Which is formulated with Macadamia Oil, Panthenol and jojoba oil. All these oils are so great for your hair so I can not wait to try this product. My sample size was an 80 ml which is 2.70 fl.oz a full size product is 10 oz and retails for $10.00 

& Lastly , I received 2 sample size Pantene Pro-V Light Shampoo and Conditioner. This is a new weightless product that uses light gel formulations and water-soluble ingredients to make the use of the product less heavy on your hair. Im typically not a fan of other Pantene products because they leave my hair feeling dry and my scalp itchy, but I am interested in trying these samples as they are newly formulated and silicone free. My sample sizes came in a 50ml sample for a full sample of both shampoo and conditioner the retail value is 375ml for $6.00 per bottle. 

Overall what a fantastic job Loose Button Team. I have seen many people complain about the sizes of the sample's, the brands, what they have been receiving ext. Initially if it wasn't a sample box we wouldn't be receiving samples, Sometimes you have to take chances, there may not be something in each box that will be for you, that's just not realistic. Take it how it is and be thankful for great service. Customer Service for Loose Button is amazing. Continue to keep up the great work! 

I hope everyone enjoyed their April Loose Button Luxe Box, and took the time to be thankful for everything in life. 

April may be ending but it still is Cancer Awareness MONTH , please wear your daffodil and support cancer research \


  1. Great box hun <3! Such a pretty polish !

  2. It really was a great way to start the weekend ! :)

  3. Hi hun, I nominated you for the liebster award! Check it out !

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