Monday, 9 April 2012

Trend Tips - Sephora By OPI Lacquer Strips Review

Doing a little review today ,  I was at Sephora a while ago getting new polish`s .. & I came across these Betsey Johnson Collection `Sephora By OPI - Real Lacquer Strips , Trend Strips 
I have used similar products of these before in a zebra print from Ebay , & I didn`t really like them , I assumed it was the quality of the item, so seeing these at Sephora made me want to try them again.
These were $12 CND for 16 strips which was to me was a good price , (made by OPI nail Lacquers) 

Today I did them , & I must say I enjoyed them. There were a few flaws. & some didn`t turn out how id like them too , but overall they were good. 


Pros = 
great color pigmentation

pull tab for easy application
extra tabs in case you make a mistake

Cons =
tare extremely easily 

I would recommend these , there fun and can take your nails from dull to fabulous in no time. These would be good for on the go and they come in many varieties. 

Sephora Trend Strips <---- click the link to go to the Sephora website :)

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