Thursday, 14 June 2012

Changes Are Good Right? -- Loose Button Changes!

Hey Beauties , Well here it is , to no one's surprise I'm a bit late on this post (better late then never) On June 7th Loose Button announced that their monthly subscription service was now going to be a quarterly service! 

It started on May 3oth when they posted this picture over on their Facebook page! , Can you guess what's next they asked? I sort of had an idea! Was I initially fond of this idea? Not entirely! I don't know about you guys but I love receiving a box  in the mail monthly. So why would they change? Loose Button claimed subscribers wanted to see more in these boxes. Bigger & Better! Loose button refers to such as a better experience (we will see) So June 7th they asked and "we received" to be honest I don't know how fair or realistic this would be but I think we should have the option of a seasons subscription or a monthly. I know! I know! It's hard to please all! 
If you were not a member of Loose Button - You must now be invited! Great , so a box now aimed towards the 4 seasons ; Spring , Summer, Winter & Fall - Loose Button wants to send products that are in the "now" rather then in the wT **** (you get it) 
$26.00 including shipping ! for 7-8 samples rather then 4-5 is a plus (but I much rather not have a box geared to the seasons WINTER IS DEPRESSING)
So YAY or NAY?? -- I receive the first box (August) free (got this if you signed up for all 4 boxes) 
I will definitely be trying before making any quick decisions! Is this a way to get us locked and if a product is bad we can't get out? 
Hmm , so much to consider! My favour is with Loose button, although maybe not so much the idea. Loose Button as a company hasn't let me down! So we will see! 

What do you all think?

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