Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Beauty Blender Review

I always wondered why many use a makeup sponge in their daily makeup routines. I didn't get it , in fact I thought it was an added process! Let me just say I was mistaken!! I won the beauty blender in a YouTube giveaway, up until winning it I heard alot about the BB , there was so much hype! Many said it added flawless application to foundation , some used it for bronzer , concealer and many used it for all. 
*Disclaimer* I am not sponsored by Beauty Blender this review is based on my own opinion. 
The beauty blender is fantastic. I have combination skin, and when I use the beauty blender I use it to apply my foundation. When I used a brush I found my application to be sometimes streaky , but with the Beauty Blender it goes on so smooth and evenly. The sponge absorbs access foundation and distributes it as you need it. It does not flake my skin and I love that! 
I have been using it for about a month (month and a half) and it's still in perfect condition. Proper maintenance of the beauty blender is key! (cleaning est.) 
Once this one has had it , I will be purchasing it! 
If you haven't checked out the BB please do , it retails from 28.00-50.00 depending on which BB you get (set wise) and you can get them from Sephora, Ebay and beyond. 
Check out the BB ladies, I'm almost positive you won't be disappointed! 


  1. I do want to try one...but I'm choked about spending that much on a sponge...hello markup? :(

  2. Girl I know , I had the exact same thought you did , in fact I didn't purchase this I won it , so it's kind of a bonus because if I didn't like it I'd be bummed but honestly , it's amazing! the way it applies your foundation - flawless