Monday, 25 July 2016


Hello Beauties ;

It's been so long since I've been here and I feel like I owe such a huge explanation. So where do I begin?

Life Update!!

Some of this may be a little to personal for some but my blog has always been so free and so open a place for me to come and express myself.

We all go through many trials and tribulations in life, (in this I strongly believe) but never did I think something so scary would hit so close to home for me. My Mom was sick last year April with what we believed was a boil under her arm. After a while of it not disappearing and trying home remedies and such nothing seemed to work. she got worried and went to the emergency department. After the doctors looking over the boil, they "popped" it , packed it and sent her on her way. After weeks of medication and rest my Mom still wasn't feeling any better. Im unsure exactly the month but around August she ended up back up at emergency with something new, what the doctors believed to be a very bad urinary tract infection (at this point my mother was unable to pee on her own) they sent her home with antibiotics and a catheter and told her when her antibiotics were finished she should be able to pee on her own and the infection would be gone and to come back in 7 days to remove the bag. My mom followed the orders and went back after the course of her antibiotic, the catheter was removed and she was still unable to urinate on her own. The doctors were puzzled so they referred my mom to a Urologist (keep in mind she was vomiting everyday, not eating, in pain etc which the doctors assumed was her "UTI"
My mom visited the urologist one time and he did a scope, he saw a polyp on my moms left ovary and told her he was unsure if it was cancerous not to worry he would have it removed and tested the following week. Prior to my moms doctors appointment the following week my mom woke to find her catheter bag full of blood the same day as her polyp was due to be removed so she immediately called my grandmother terrified and asked her to bring her to the hospital.
When my mom arrived and had further tests done etc, the doctors explained my mom was in kidney failure and she was being transferred to a better hospital in Kingston Ontario.

September 8 2016
, after many tests , observations, IV etc , we learned my Mom at 45 years old had terminal ovarian cancer. Now - lets back up , back in April when she had the "boil" if the doctors actually had the skin taken for observation they would have learned my mom had cancer that was spread to lymph nodes throughout her body. My mothers kidneys failed because she had cancer since known April but nothing was done nor tested further until just before her hospitalization. My world stopped that day. I was so angry with God, with everyone and all I could do was look at her with sadness and cry. The doctors told my mom 3 months and we should prepare for the worst, that chemotherapy and radiation were not options.
Today being July 25 2016 , my mom is still alive fighting everyday, a warrior being told multiple times this was the end, a warrior who has had radiation and chemotherapy despite being told those were not options, a warrior whos been hospitalized to many times to count for Kidney failure , dehydration, to much potassium and calcium in the blood. She continues to fight. This took a huge toll on my life, Im 26 and my mother has always been there for me I gave up everything to fight along side of her, I moved home and I care for her everyday. It's very stressful at times and sometimes I feel like I'm in a dream but this is all in Gods hands and as long as she wants to fight I will be fighting beside her.

With everything going on with my Mom, I want to stress to everyone how important having a bi-yearly physical exam is. Cervical, Ovarian and Bladder cancer are very common in woman over the age of 30. 

Now, with that weighing heavily on my mind since the prognosis early March I found out I was expecting my first child. Oh what a roller-coaster that has been with my moms terminal illness, my morning sickness, doctors appointments (and the list goes on)

I am super excited to have found out I am having a baby boy. Makhi will be with us in 3 months (currently 26+ weeks) and we couldn't be more thrilled. 

I want to continue to blog as much as possible through these big life changes of mine. Also I will continue to do reviews but will expand from beauty, I will include children products, home and lifestyle etc.
I know this blog post may be all over, but go easy on me I'm getting back into the swing of things. 

I will check in soon,
Much Love <3 

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