Friday 3 April 2015

Spring into Summer with Demeter Fragrance

Hello Beauties ;
I hope you all had a fantastic week, my week was super busy with work and family gatherings as myself and family celebrates Easter.
I really have been loving all the support I've been receiving in my emails from some of my lovely followers who keep encouraging me to remain blogging. Thank you truly to each and everyone who continues to support Beauty Box Canada, I really am forever blessed.

With all that being said, my post today is titled "Spring into Summer with Demeter Fragrance" due to the fantastic scents Demeter provides. I was recently sent for review purposes four Spring/Summer scents from their over 250 scent selection.
If your not familiar Demeter Fragrance Library is a company that offers perfume, products for your home, and bath and body products in a wide range of scents that you may be very familiar with in your surroundings, such as crayon, gin and tonic , baby powder and many many more. Demeter Fragrance Library uses 95% all natural ingredients on all products offered with no artificial colours if their is a colour in a Demeter scent it is because a natural product of the ingredients was used to make the scent. There are no binders or emulisifiers, no phthalates, and the alcohol in the product is naturally fermeneted from corn. This is a big plus to the company! (Please familiarise yourself with the "About Us" section here.

Now onto the scents I received and a little about each one.

From the top shall we! 

"Sunshine" - Sunshine is my favourite Demeter Fragrance Library scent, this is a second purchase for me. I adore this scent, on the website, Demeter claims sunshine is best described as a cotton shirt dried by the sun, however I feel it smells like a mixture of summer nights, sunscreen, and sweet flowers. If there is any scent I would recommend for Spring/Summer it would be Sunshine.

"Caribbean Sea" -  I would describe this one and "Salt Air" as being pretty similar. They both resemble being somewhere tropical surrounded by water. I really like both these scents as well. If you like soft, tropical scents you will like both Caribbean Sea and Salt Air.

"Bird of Paradise" -  The bird of paradise is a large tropical herb which is part of the banana family, the reason it gets bird of paradise is the actual plant looks like a tropical bird. This was my least favourite scent. If you enjoy an earthly scent or the smell of a strong leaf you would enjoy this scent. I thought it would be floral but it definitely was the complete opposite.

I can promise there will be a scent that you will absolutely adore. What is for one is not for the other, I highly recommend checking out Demeter Fragrance Library and reading some of the great reviews they have under each scent. I enjoy going on their web page and reading the descriptions Demeter provides along with the reviews if what others thought.
Check out their Spring/Summer scents (Caribbean Sea is not yet released) new scents are added often as well as collections.

Until next time beauties .....

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  1. I think sunshine or the Caribbean sea is something I would like.

    Nice post!

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