Tuesday 6 January 2015

MIA? Where Have I Been?

Hello my beautiful strangers!

   I have missed you all so much , Happy New Year!

My last post was written at least 5 months ago , but let me explain, I was on a journey to find myself - horrible break up , the birth of my first nephew just on a journey to a new me.
I feel so incredible now, and I thought to myself , New year! New Me (cliche I know considering we all say this) however, I feel with my 75lbs weight loss and how incredible I feel getting back to what I enjoy is a must!

Here is what I have coming to you all 

Reviews & Empties & more! No committed schedule as yet, however I promise such content

To companies who have sent me material - apologies if there has not been a review, if it's Beauty Box Canada approved , it will be posted in DUE time

So , a quick I MISS YOU and content to follow post was in order, If you continue to support me, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Sometimes we can not control life's events and we need to take a moment to collect ourselves even if that means being MIA on things we enjoy.

Until next time

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