Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year 199th POST


Happy New Year - Where ever you celebrated or even if you didn't - I hope 2014 will be something spectacular in your life.
May all your dreams come true, you live each day with laughter, love and happiness

Cheers for a prosperous New Year, a new beginning

My success for 2013 has been incredible, I have been blessed to work along side some great companies, each and every in counter has simply been impeccable.

My goals for Beauty Box Canada Blog, are to simply post more. Post more reviews (which I absolutely love doing) some tag posts, hauls + more- & I really hope you all continue to support my adventures here as blogging is simply a very important part of my life.

To kick off the new year this will be my 199th post. My next post which marks 200 will be a giveaway to Thank each and everyone of you whom have supported Beauty Box Canada ;

Cheers to 2014 Beauties


  1. Congrats on your post! And happy new year!

    New follower love your blog!

    We have a Beauty & Fashion group of over 300 bloggers if you want to join!

    xo, The Beauty Blogger Bunch

  2. Thanks so much for the support love <3 , I have also gone ahead an showed love to your up and coming blog <3 Thanks so much again for stopping by xxxxx