Thursday 25 July 2013

Skin Care Products For All Skin Types

Beauties ;
This post is a continuation post from my Skin Types 101 post from my "Beauty Thursday Edition" posts. Today I really wanted to share some products that are great for the skin, products I have tried to raved about skin care products.
The most important thing I wanted to point out is the appropriate way to wash your face- Each one of us will use different products and methods , however according to beauty editors worldwide there is a "how-to" guide to washing your face properly.

  • STEP 1: Begin by washing your hands. (You don't want all of the grease, grime and germs from your hands on your face, do you?) And, if you have on any eye makeup, remove it before you begin to cleanse.
  • STEP 2: Wet your face completely with tepid water. Anything too hot will shock the skin and could even burst capillaries, resulting in those sensitive red marks usually found around the nose and cheeks. Next, squeeze a dime-sized amount of cleanser onto your fingertips and rub them together. Use your fingertips to massage the cleanser into your skin (anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute) in small and gentle circular motions.
  • STEP 3: One of the best ways to ensure that dirt and makeup are removed is by using a muslin cloth when you rinse. In addition, if you gently scrub in small circles, the cloth also acts as a light exfoliant! Also, don't forget to rinse your hairline, your neck and the nooks on either side of your nose.
  • STEP 4: Finish by splashing your face two to three times with cool water (not freezing cold—again, you don't want to shock your face) to close your pores and then pat your skin dry with a clean towel.
*Disclaimer-- The information above was used from and is used on this blog for educational purposes only - I do not own this material*

So with the following educational facts mentioned above we now know a cleanser - toner - and moisturiser as well as additional products such as eye creams and more maybe used. Typically when searching for the right products for your skin in terms of facial care - you must use products that are tolerant to your skin type ; reading my last post to figure out your skin type will be benifical. 
Our skin will go through trial and error periods with different products. You may experience breakouts- clogged pores ect. (getting a "non-comedogenic" cleanser will reduce this) so depending on your skintype all of these key factors will play when searching for the perfect products.

Some Great Brands (Used & Raved)
  • Pelle Beauty ( I have reviewed this brand previously) 
  • L'oreal Go 360 Clean 
  • Cetaphil
  • The Body Shop
  • Mario Badescu 
  • Boscia
  • Micheal Todd
  • Clarins
  • Neutrogena
  • Philosopy 
  • Ole Henrickson
I was told once that it isn't great to mix different skin care brands - like using a different brand toner from your moisturizer. That is absolutly false , your skin will determine if it likes or dislikes the products your using just by the way it feels and looks. Your skin will feel clean, soft and appear with less breakouts if your products are doing their jobs.
In closing this post for now - we have covered a great deal : discovering your skin type and the products and brands formulated for your skin type is very important in maintaining healthy skin. I hope you all enjoyed this post and the information was helpful!

What products have you tried on your skin? 


  1. I am a HUGE Clarins fan! Greatly informative post!

    1. Clarins is a GREAT higher end product , 100% agreed Jayne :) I'm glad you enjoyed this post xx

  2. Hi! This is awesome blog. Simple is the only non-expensive brand of skincare I will use, I always have some on hand product. I like it. facial skin care product..