Monday, 22 July 2013

Big Sexy Hair Shampoo + Conditioner Thoughts

Beauties ; Happy Monday - I hope this week has started well for you all and you made great memories over the weekend ♥ You may remember me posting a mini haul with the Big Sexy Hair shampoo and conditioner included and I really wanted to share my thoughts on these products. In my small town brands like these are very hard to find, so I was excited when I found them for only $12.99 per bottle. The regular retail value per bottle is $24.95 for 1000ml. There is alot of product in these bottles and oddly enough I am beyond half way through the shampoo and just barly put a dent in the conditioner.
The product's description is listed on the Ulta website as follows : Big Sexy Hair Color Safe Volumizing Shampoo is a moisturizing shampoo that revitalizes and increases fullness while creating volume. It adjusts the PH level of the water for optimal conditioning. Ideal for flat/fine/thick hair. Style Primed With: Botanical Extracts, Vitamin B3 & Lemon Grass. -- it all sounds fantasic, Vitamins, volumizing agents, this product balances ect ect. My verdict is I liked it until my hair began feeling brittle, and dry. I am so frustrated. I feel the product is great, it does it's job to a certain degree but it really doesnt deliver in terms of volumizing. It's hard to judge shampoo's and conditioners for others as each ones hair is different. I read reviews where this combo worked wonders, and others say the same as me, it left the hair feeling dry. I have blonde bleached and color treated hair, using products that take from my already damaged hair makes it hard to continue to use them. I often switch up my shampoo and conditioners but once I stopped using these specific products I unfortunitly have yet to return. The conditioner is thick, and really does not do it's job in "conditioning" I need products that make my hair look and feel healthy. I think overall the issue is no matter how unhealthy this is my hair needs those sulfates, and parabens. I need to feel like my hair is being cleaned and conditioned. My verdict is 50/50 - I would not repurchase just because this didn't cut it for me at the end. For someone who has less damage I feel this product would work fantastic. I guess I'll stick with my drug store brands- L'Oreal, and Garnier because these higher end brands just are not doing the trick!
Have you tried Big Sexy Hair products? If so how have they left your hair feeling?

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