Monday 10 June 2013

Put A Print On It .. TRENDING -- "In" Prints for Summer 2013

Beauties ,
Happy Monday - I hope your all enjoying this day. Here in Ontario Canada it's rainy and so gloomy. I really want to get back into the swing of posting regularly. My post today is another one of my "Trending" posts. Today I will outline "Prints". From Fall 2013 straight into summer I have been seeing prints everywhere. How outfits are paired and how it makes a statement is amazing. Let's get started on the 5 prints I will be sharing!

Floral Print
I am really loving the floral print. It is so sheek and feminin and could be worn to the office or out to party. The prints come in clusters or a little more seperated but which ever it is.. it's fab and ... TRENDING

Camo Print
This print is no shocker to me, It always seems to make an appearance in fashion. It also is femanin but add's a little "umph" to one's outfit. Ive been seeing alot of this print, on handbags , tops and bottoms, scarfs ect. -- dress this print up or down and rock out with your bad self.

Jungle Print
Take yourself deep within the jungle by rocking these bad ass prints. From leapord to zebra your sure to make a statement. I must admit the "jungle" print is by far my favorite print of 2013 and I sure do hope it lasts. Can we say 60's inspired?

Bird Print
How adorable is this? It is so classy and femm. If the bird print is light or bold it's defenitly a statement! So sheek and could be worn daily by anyone.

Tropical Print
Set your destination to the tropics ladies, Tropical Print is in right now - summer 2013- since the 60's women and men everywhere have been rocking these prints. I notice this print alot in graphical tee's and tanks - but I really enjoy the color and bold statement it makes. Keep your eyes pealed - because I feel this summer you will be seeing alot more of this print.

What do you think about these "Trending Prints" what other prints have you seen this Summer? Comment below I would love to hear from you all!

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