Thursday, 4 April 2013

Skin Types 101

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I sat down today in my office and felt this urge to blog.. I miss it! That being said I have come up with a "series" in which I hope to really stick with.
"Beauty Thursday Edition" with this new series I promise to write about all things beauty related. From trending topics, to skin care and beyond.
Today, this post is "Skin Types 101"
For the longest time I could never pin point my skin type. I always just said "normal" because I thought it was just that. During my teen years into early adult hood I never had problem skin, and normally no areas of concern. When I turned 22 I began to notice changes in my skin, such as finer lines , oily "t" zones and a problem area planted right smack on my chin. I began researching and I realized your skin is never always going to be the same. It can change with seasons, your lifestyle ect. The thing I had most trouble with is  1 product that use to work no longer did. I feel knowing your skin types and the "catagories" we recognize more is super important. Below is a list of skin types, signs to look for when determining your skin type and tips on how to care for your specific skin type.

*Please note the below information is not mine I posted on my blog from for educational purposes ONLY*

Oily Skin
  • Skin surface is shiny
  • Pores are larger
  • Blackheads, white heads and pimples occur easily

KEY TIP: Look for products that are oil-free and non-comedogenic.
Dry Skin
  • Skin is tight, dull and sometimes flaky
  • Pores are small
  • Fine lines are visible

KEY TIP: Dry skin responds well to rich, creamy productsthat will comfort, soothe and hydrate.

Dehydrated Skin
  • Skin lacks water/hydration
  • Complexion is dull
  • Pores are enlarged
KEY TIP: Dehydrated skin can be a temporary condition, varying from season to season so it’s important to re-assess your skin as needed and invest in a good daily moisturizerthat will keep the skin hydrated at all times.

Normal/ Combination Skin

  • Center or “t-zone” is oily
  • Pores are fairly small
  • Cheeks are fairly smooth

KEY TIP: Treat the different areas of your skin separatelyto ensure that the oily areas are cleansed properly while the drier areas are hydrated properly.

Sensitive Skin

  • Very fine texture
  • Skin has a translucent-like appearance and tiny veins are sometimes visible
  • Tends to be more irritable and reactionary

KEY TIP: Use gentle products that are hypoallergenic and alcohol-free. Also look for sensitive skin formulations.

Maturing Skin

  • Increased dryness
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Fine lines and wrinkles are visible

KEY TIP:Look for products that offer moisturizing and anti-aging benefits and be sure to include the skin on your neck in your skin care regimen.

Acne-prone Skin

  • Skin surface is shiny with large pores
  • Redness, inflammation and irritation are common
  • Presence of blackheads, white heads and pimples

KEY TIP: Use products that are gentle, oil-free and non-comedogenic.

I really hope the information gave clarity for some of you all. I know it did for me. I will continue on with a post related to this and share some of my favorite skin care products to help treat all different skin types.