Sunday, 10 February 2013 Presents "The Brush Tree" Review

Hey Beauties ;
I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. This post is a review post on a very creative product from "The Brush Tree"
Benjabelle is a small business that just began last year in 2012 by 2 great people Ben and Jan (hence Benjabelle) the purpose of their small business was to produce a product to maintain the length of your beauty brushes after submerging them into water while being cleaned. Each Brush Tree is made of collapsible hard plastic which is perfect for storing and traveling. The Brush Tree comes in 3 colors. Pink , Black , and white and is the perfect way to dry your brushes after cleaning.

The Brush Tree is large with, 14 slots to insert your brushes and works with many brands of brushes like E.L.F, Real Techniques, Sigma and more!
I feel in love with this product. I normally washed my brushes and set them on paper towel to dry. I do not recommend this method as it has destroyed even brushes on the higher end. Not only is The Brush Tree great for hanging the brushes downwards it also is high enough up from any surface to eliminate bacteria from seeping in during the drying process.

The Brush Tree is only $34.95, you may be thinking, wow -- that's a bit pricey for something like this but in all honesty the way I see it, is one can pay for 3 brushes, dry them on paper towel and they could ruin in little to no time or one can purchase The Brush Tree and rest assured their brushes will have extended life free from water and damage.

Currently is offering $5.00 off The Brush Tree for anyone who uses "brushlove" at checkout :)
If your interested in The Brush Tree just click here and have a look around. If you have any question's Ben and Jan are super quick to respond and will answer your questions honestly.

 This product is great and I would highly recommend it for the beauty lovers and even the professionals who are looking for something sleek, something durable, and something that is guaranteed to make the money you spend worth it.

A BIG thank you, Benjabelle for sending me this fantastic product for reviewing purposes.


  1. the shipping to canada is so expensive!

    1. Hi Amanda ,
      Shipping to Canada , depending on your location at check out is only $9.95 , this I find is a good price because of customs and such. I know other companies that charge around 29.99 for shipping out of the states
      If you would like contact : , Ben and Jan are great and would be more than happy to assist you. :)

  2. I like the idea, but even with the $5 off coupon code, I still end up paying about $40. If it were less expensive I would probably order one, but at that price I'll stick to my old school method. Thanks for the great review though!

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