Monday, 31 December 2012

NuMe Pearl Curling Wand Review

Hey Beauties ;
It has felt like such a long time since I have posted here. With the holidays and everything blogging was I guess set on the back burner. It's New Years Eve and what better day than to go out with a post of my new favorite curling hair tool. Back in November Ciaoobelllaxo [Meg] on Youtube announced the winners to her NuMe Giveaway! I honestly never thought I would win a giveaway, I am always entering as I watch Youtube faithfully. Meg has 150,895 subscribers so the chance of winning to all the entries is slim. However luck was on my side as I was announced one of the 4 winners of this amazing giveaway. If your all not aware NuMe is a great company. I have used their hair tools for years and use my flat iron from them faithfully. I have never had a problem with any tools/products I have used the quality is fantastic and well worth the money. I was fortunate to win the NuMe Pearl Curling Wand :
The NuMe curling wand is currently being sold for $149.00 [originally $225.00] which is beyond worth it. Like all of NuMe's hair tools the Pearl is ion technology which eliminates the effect of heat damage to your hair. I adore this wand, it gives the perfect curl, heating up to 210°C [410°F]. The curl that this wand gives is the perfect wave curl that can be more or less tight depending on how much or how little hair you twist around the wand. The cord is a swivel cord which is excellent as the cord does not get wrapped around the wand while curling your hair. This wand literately heats up in seconds and really takes no time to cool down, which is a plus for travel. I think the only downside to this wand would be there is not a display to show the temperature. My Conair 1" wand has a display and heat + and heat - buttons to control the amount of heat used on the hair. This is not a breaking factor to the wand as it uses the ion technology as I mentioned previously. Overall I would defenitly reccomend any NuMe products to you fellow Beauties , I am beyond impressed with the quality and purpose of each and everyone of the products I have been able to use.
Right now until January 3rd 2013, you can check out NuMe as they are having a sale on select styling tools on their website. Click Here to take advantage of getting yourself a FAB product. I can honestly say you will not regret it.

Happy New Year Beauties ; and I'll be seeing you in 2013!


  1. Congratulations! :D How exciting! I'm going to try the Coolway system..eek I'm nervous. Say goodbye to high heat styling?