Wednesday 14 November 2012

Beautylishious Beauty Bag November : Review

I was able to review a Beautylishious beauty bag for November and I was super excited to do so. Beautylishious is a monthly Non/Subscription Beauty Bag based from the United Kingdom, that like others are sent straight to your doorstep. The beauty bag is promised to contain 4-5 trial and full sized Beauty and Skincare products whether they be branded, organic, boutique or homemade. All for just £12.00 ($19.00 CND) a month or £36.00 ($57.00 CND) for 3 months + applicable shipping.
I absolutely loved the packaging. It's super feminine and fun! A sheer ruby bag with leopard paper over the products is so elegant , oh - and the charm "made with love" is the icing on the cake.
The November bag had 4 products and was the 9th addition of this service. The bag included the following

  • VO5 Instant Oomph Powder : This product reminded me of the Got 2 Be styling powder, It's purpose is the same, add a little powder to your roots, blend and have instant volume. - Trial Size 7g £4.09 ($6.50 CND)
  • Betty Hula Natural Anti-Bacterial Hand Moisturizer : This was a fragrance free scent I was excited about this. - Full Size 50ml £2.99 ($4.75 CND)
  • Sanctuary Spa Fresh Faced Purifying Wash : This is a deep cleansing wash for healthier looking skin. I am interested to try this out. - Trial Size 30ml £2.55 ($4.05 CND)
  • MOA The Green Balm : This is described as being a "miracle" balm. Basically you can use this balm for everything you can think of, like burns, cold sores, bumps, bites, eczema and psoriasis.. you can also use this as an after shave and a facial cleansing balm. Pretty pumped to use this stuff. - Trial Size 15ml £4.99 ($7.93 CND) 

Thank you Harriet for allowing me to try this bag and to share the contents with you all. The limited edition Christmas Bag is sold out so if your interested, please JOIN in January! Join Here .. Also, be sure to "Like" on Facebook you can "Like" here

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