Thursday, 6 September 2012

Loose Button Luxe Box Fall Edition!

Hey all , 
A while ago I made a post about the changes of loose button going from a monthly subscription beauty box to a quarterly service and I think I was not even thrilled about this as I remember, but I gave it a fair chance and was I ever so impressed.
I have had my box now for a while but I wanted to share what I got inside as I have been seeing a bunch of different boxes. I think Loose Button really took the time to personalize these boxes and make them terrific for everyone (that being said not everyone is going to be thrilled) but for the most part I have seen/heard alot of great things. 

Because I don't have a picture of the actual box and how it has changed I will share some before and afters

  • the box was square in size (like glossybox)
  • the box was black
  • the logo is a loose button logo in silver (I believe) 
  • tissue was used
  • the tissue was also black
  • confetti was used
  • confetti was black 
  • when opening your box there was a personalized sticker with your name on it 
  • the box is shaped as a rectangle
  • the box is white
  • the logo is a loose button logo in gold 
  • rather then tissue and confetti a white silk (cloth) was used to wrap the contents of the box (which I found elegant and tasteful)
  • the product card came in an envelope with an "M" to personalize it was for me 
Those are just the most noticeable changes but there was great changes, some say it's not worth $96.00 for 4 boxes, I say it is .. and here is why
With the items I felt they were quality and great size products. So here is what I got in my Fall Loose Button Luxe Box : 
  • Paco Rabanne Lady Million Perfume - Decent Sample ; I absolutely love lady million, it is my favorite scent and because it's super pricey I don't carry around my large bottle. This size is not a tester size, it is a smaller size bottle (forget the fl oz) that looks identical to the full size and it's perfect for my hand bag!
  • Eyeko Eyeliner - Full Size ; and boy do I love this eyeliner, GREAT quality and super pigmented not to mention the liner is huge!
  • China Glaze Nailpolish - Full Size ; (Fall On Safari Collection) in the colour - Exotic Encounters! GORGEOUS fall deep blue green colour, absolutely love it! I love getting polish anyways because I am a committed collector !
  • Blinc Mascara  - Deluxe Sample ; I know many got this in one of the Beauty Box 5 boxes but I un subscribed for a bit as I wasn't pleased (re-subscribed now as the boxes have improved) so I was excited to have this so I could see why everyone was raving! 
  • Kerastase Elixir Ultime - Sample ; I love Kerastase and I got a product in my very first Luxe Box that I ran out of (of this brand) that I so very loved but can not push my self to spend 60+ dollars on a average size container of a deep hair mask so I was super excited to see this!
  • B Kamins Serum - Sample ; This is a fun little eye cream sample , not really into the whole eye cream so Im unsure why this "slipped" into my box, but no worries I am sure it will find a great permanent home soon 
  • Loose Button Exfoliating Pad - Full Size ; (Forgot to add this in picture) Nice added touch , and you can never go wrong with these sort of things 
So overall I loved my box , and the answer is YES I will be purchasing the 1 year *4 box * service! How can I simply resist? For my fellow Loose Button(ers) I hope you all loved your boxes, comment below if you are thinking about signing up (there is a wait list) .. how was your box if you did get one? 


  1. I can't unscribe because I am always worried I will miss out on that one great item. The only thing that bummed me out about my box was the sticker wasn't personalized to me it was an R and I am a C. I would have loved to have gotten a china glaze since it was in fall colors I got Sally Hansen strips which honestly wasn't a fall color as I have seen them in the store since before summer.

  2. That is really unfortunate Cindy , I think all boxes should have included the polish , however I did see many that had the Sally Hansen and there was more higher end products? I am not sure how Loose Button is deciding on the contents of 1 box to the next, In my opinion sometimes everyone should get the same thing, but I guess that would be just to to much?
    I am assuming boxes should be better in the months to come, as they will be collecting a heavy penny of money for a quarterly subscription and I viewed there site and there are a TON requesting wait list times ext.
    Thanks for the comment! Please make sure to follow