Monday, 3 September 2012

Australia To Canada BC Swap With Melissa !

Hi beauties , today Im sharing another SWAP!
You now know I am a swap-a-haulic ;) .. I am constantly doing swaps with many overseas, via the Beauty Correspondent page on Facebook (check it out here) I have continued to do wonderful swaps with great individuals and the experience (as I mention in every post) is FANTASTIC!
I had the opportunity to do a swap with an amazing girl from Australia. Melissa agreed to swap with me and I was thrilled! We corresponded through Facebook for about a month, (which really gave us enough time to shop for one another) Melissa also agreed to collect and send a Bella Box (Australia Brand Beauty Box) for me * THANKS BABE * as the shipping was high for our swap packages she decided to post separate and I should receive the box sometime this week (will post once I receive)
Now let's get into what I sent her! 

This was all the great things I sent to Melissa, (I guess we will have to wait for an unwrapped  photo) aside from that she was thrilled and absolutely loved all the things I sent her. Things like : sugarpill, Forever21, EOS, Milani, Coastal Sense and much more
What Melissa got for me:
Her package was amazing, and came so nicley wrapped full of goodies! I adored everything! This picture was the picture/view I saw when I opened up her package! I was so overwhelmed with joy I didn't know where to start! But after taking a moment to collect myself.... the below image shows an idea of the contents in my swap package.

 -I got, 12 bottles of nail polish (heaven) in the most gorgeous colours ever (I swear she was inside my head) jewelry, an eye pallet, lip gloss, 2 iPhone cases, eye liner, real technique brushes *you rock girl* and much more! I was absolutely beyond pleased with everything and since then have been using quite a bit of everything daily.
Thank you so much Melissa, It was such a pleasure swapping and shopping with you and for you. Melissa and I plan on swapping again in the future, I can not wait :)


  1. nice swap :D can't wait to have my first one :D

    1. I have done a lot (I guess this is an under statement when I say ALOT I MEAN ALOT!)
      It is a great experience, through and through! I have only ever had 1 horrible experience, but .. for the most part the friendships at the end are the best!
      Good luck on your first swap love!