Saturday, 18 August 2012

FreshLook Color Contact Lenses in Color "Honey" Impressions+Swatch

Hello all , I hope you are enjoying your weekend! I am super busy these last couple of days and the busy days don't stop for some weeks to come, so if I've been absent here or on my beauty page -- Please forgive me, I have not forgotten about any of you all , *how could I? you guys rock! Thank's ahead of time for understanding my absence as I continue to cover things in my busy life. That being said, I really wanted to share with you an experience I had. Coloured Contract Lenses! Some may think " your just trying them now" , the answer is yes! *Mini Disclaimer* * I am not a professional, and I strongly suggest visiting an optometrist to speak about wearing lens if you have not done so before*
I always have wanted to try them, there so fashionable, they add a BAM to your appearance, however the reason for me not trying them is I was always in the negative mind set that this can severely damage your eyes. Recently after receiving a pair I went to my optometrist for a consultation to review and really see the pro's and con's of wearing coloured lenses. Although there is in fact complications/risks to wearing these lenses if you follow the guidelines, keep them clean and sanitized you should have no problem. 
About My Contacts: 
These contacts are the FreshLook ColorBlends Contact in the colour "Honey" FreshLook offers a disposable eye contact and one set is good for up to 1 month. The base of these contacts are 8.6mm and the diameter is 14.5 mm, also there is a 0.0 power as they are non prescription  but the company does offer contacts along with a prescription. 
These lenses are made up of 45% polymer (material content) and 55% H20 (water content) 
My First Impressions
At first Im not going to lie I was so nervous to apply them. I had to pull up my upper eye and pull down my lower eye and look straight ahead and wait for a suction noise! Okay, so I pull up and down look straight (this did not work I kept looking off to the side) after about 25 minutes I got my first contact in and 10 minutes after that the second. They were comfortable, I didn't really feel anything, I wore them for a good 3 hours and didn't mind them, they were not dry or irritated so when it came time to apply again it was super easy, it got easier and easier.
I am only on week 2 with them and I wear them all the time. I clean them with a multi-purpose contact non rub solution from the brand Alcon. The solution is called Opti-Free, This brand was recommended and I purchased from fairly inexpensive. This solution cleans, rinses, disinfects, re-wets, and stores the contact lenses. I also got Visine for dry eye drops that are made specifically for contact lens. When I remove the lens I put them in a container in the opti-free solution until I wear the next time. The solution is great, super easy on the eyes and does not burn at all. 

The photo shows my eye with no lens and with a lens. The picture to the left is without a lens, and to the right is with. As you can see the lens is larger then my eyes. This isn't because the lens don't fit but rather because this lens is intended to cover more iris (the white of the eye) for the illusion of a bigger eye.
I really enjoy wearing these on special occasions or outings and I would recommend these lens to individuals who want a fuller eye look.
Have you tried coloured lens before? If so comment below explaining your experience!

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