Tuesday 7 August 2012

Beauty Box Canada : Weekly Wants - Beauty & Fashion

Happy Tuesday beauties , I have decided to add some excitement here to my blog, (seeing how this post goes) I have decided to add a weekly wants post consisting of all things I'm wanting beauty and fashion. I will show a picture then describe the products. I think it will give a little insight to my viewers on my personal style and what trends I'm "digging" So without further a-do beauties , Beauty Box Canada : Weekly Wants - Beauty & Fashion 
Forever 21 : Satin Rhinestone pumps in Champagne (Retails for $41.80 CND) Oh ladies, I adore these. I have been wanting these for a while, but then I see better deals, I have yet to find a pair of rhinestone pumps that I can compare to these ones. I adore them! I am hoping they will go on sale so I can convince myself to buy these (I already have quite the collection) 
Lush : Big Shampoo (Retails for $24.95 CND) I so badly would love to try this, the only thing stopping me is I do not have a lush even remotely close enough to buy it. I have yet to try this shampoo and I don't think I would spend $24.95 without sampling it first! Although because Ive heard so many great things I just might be to influenced to care ;) 
Forever 21 : Metal Trim Crossbody  (Retails for $31.80) Is it just me or are these so adorable! This is such a cute purse. I love forever 21 (as you will see alot in this post) I just seen this a couple days ago and it definitely will be apart of my OVER STOCKED bag collection. 
Forever21: Zigzag Paneled Bandage Skirt (plus size) (Retails for $29.80) I am so loving this skirt! It is so sheik and screams sophistication , this is a dress it up or dress it down type of skirt! I will be doing a Forever21 Haul soon it seems because I must have this in my clothing wardrobe! 
Maybelline : Expertwear Luminous Lights Eye Shadow Quad in Opal Lights (Retails for about $8-$9 CND) Maybelline has been coming out with some great new products! These eye shadow quads are gorgeous! I was in Walmart and saw them and I was so tempted but decided to skip it! I'm not usually much of an eye shadow girl, but these are just beautiful!
Forever21 : Leopard Print Tunic Shirt (plus) (Retails for $29.80) I love anything with a jungle print theme. This shirt will definitely be in my collection when I do a Forever 21 haul! I love this top! Also, their plus size collection is so adorable! I could spend 100's of dollars and not feel the slightest bit guilty!
Glam Candy : Glamour Chains (Retails for $22.00) Do any of you know BrunetteBarbie on YouTube  Well she recently launched her own jewellery line called Glam Candy, and her jewellery pieces are fabulous! take a look here ... think arm candy! Her pieces are inexpensive but gorgeous! Go check her out! I'm loving this arm chain , (collection piece to come...? check!
So this is it! What do you all think, yay or nay! I'm super loving everything and just wanted to share :) Comment below what your weekly wants are! 


  1. ah BIG is amazing! You must get your hands on it! Also, I have been trying out the solid shampoo bars .. lemme tell u AMAZING! Seanik i believe its called is awesome! All the properties of big but a tad different in smell and what not! Just letting u kno!! Great wants i want one of those glamour chains eek!

  2. I know right , so want BIG and thanks Gen , their adorable , pictures do none of these products gesture! Im kicking myself in the butt now Ash , apparently she had free shipping yesterday on all Glam Candy products! Bummer!!!