Saturday 28 July 2012

When High End Makeup "Hides" - Zana Cosmetics

Hello all, I hope your all enjoying your weekend, I know I am .. but it wouldn't be right if I didn't include all you beauties so here I am with a post :)
A serious question for you all , (as I also asked myself) do we really know all the high end brands of cosmetics? I think we often bypass (including myself) what really and truly is out there, and I know if it wasn't for a previous swap I likely wouldn't be at all familiar with Zana cosmetics. How do we find out about those "new" high end companies? it's easy for us to get swept away with the newest item from Urban Decay or Too Faced because there constantly spoke about on YouTube, Facebook and all over social media! but going forward my pack to you as readers is to bring to the light what I am able to find that is not always spoke about in means of companies.

Some may have heard of Zana Cosmetics, but if you have not Zana is a new U.S brand of makeup (classified as high end due to the prices) Zana is said to be seen used alot by makeup artists in Hollywood, "Zana can be seen on the red carpet or featured in a music video" says the "about us" section on their website. It also says many makeup artists depend on Zana Cosmetics for it's high quality and long lasting abilities. Zana Cosmetics is also cruelty free with no parabens(which is great for the skin) as well as it's mineral based and has ingredients that does not block pores. Their packaging is super adorable (who isn't a sucker for cute packaging) it's so feminine and classy I promise any girl would love to have even 1 piece of Zana Cosmetics in their collection. 
My Zana Products: I own (now) 5 Zana Products in total, and I absolutely love them. The quality is amazing, super pigmented, and long lasting! So let me show you all the Zana Cosmetics I own in my makeup collection. 
Sexy Lash Volume Mascara - Retails for $14.00 USD 
I adore this Mascara , I mean look at the adorable packaging, and the name is great as well! I only apply this mascara one time, and it's so thick on my lashes (I love that) this mascara literately makes me look like Im wearing falsies! I highly recommend trying this mascara if you haven't :) 
Flirt Liner Markers - Retails for $12.00 USD, These are great eye-liners. Made with a felt tip! The tip is not to thick so it's easy to control when doing your eyeliner, also not to mention the packaging is adorable! I have used this eyeliner in some sever heat and it has not moved an inch so if your looking for a stay put liner this is it ladies! 

Kiss My Lips Lipstick - Retails for $13.00 USD, This colours is in "Lets Celebrate" it's a subtle pink, not to vibrant but kind of on the nude side, so it's an in between. I adore it, it's super moisturising! I love the fact it has jojoba and sunflower oils in it and also aloe vera and camomile! I again recommend this product, the only thing I wish it had was some SPF!

Exotic Lips - Lip Plumper - Retails for $19.00 USD, This lip plumper comes in one shade and as you can see from the picture it isn't that dark (which I love) this is definitely a "tingling" sort of plumper although it only lasts for a short time. I like it more for a gloss as I don't find it "plumps" to much! (but I have fuller lips anyways) Super moisturising too ladies! so overall it's a win/win! 

Delicious Cheeky Blush  - Retails for $16.00 (sale price), The colour of the blush I own is called crushed pink, it comes in 4 colours all together! I adore this colour it reminds me so much of Nars orgasm or Milani's baked blush in Luminoso! It's super soft and it's perfect for an everyday look. I use this blush often and because you only need a little bit when applying a little goes a long way!
Well here it is beauties , I really hope you will go check out this company! They have affordable pricing and great products! If you have tried Zana Cosmetics what do you think? How do they hold up against other "High End" beauty cosmetics! (In your opinion) 
Enjoy the rest of your weekend beauties ! and be sure to check out Zana Cosmetics here


  1. I have never heard of this brand, but I do like the packaging and the price point is fairly affordable! Where can you buy Zana products in store?

  2. The Packaging is fantastic! And yes the price is great I believe there is no store for Zana Cosmetics but they have been on Hautelook , they have online reps who sell under store envy I beleieve! And then there is the actual website but I could be mistaken they are a fairly new company (2012) so I hope to see an expansion in their future!

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    1. Your most welcome gorgeous ! Im glad I was able to share for those whom have not heard of Zana cosmetics ! They are really great quality to!