Thursday, 26 July 2012

A-England Polish from the Mythicals line!

Hey beauties , Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here, (yay) it's a super rainy day here in Ontario, Canada what a great day for NAIL MAIL :)

A-England is a UK brand "high end" nail polish company operated by Adina. Adina's love for polish was something she experienced as a young child. She was destined for greatness and greatness came with this nail polish brand. 
Currently A-England offer's 2 collections , Mythical and The Legend , The Legend is the newest collection released. 



Back about 2 weeks ago there was a post I seen on my beauty page, a brand "A-England" was having a huge promotion on there Mythical collection, selling for only £5.00 regular , £9.00 (£4.00 difference) in Canadian dollars £5.00 is about $8.00 so imagine paying £9.00 per polish, (almost 15.00 CND a polish) I had to pick some of this collection up. Not only were the colours gorgeous , the names were adorable + they were on sale , but the best part was FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!

(L-R) Iseult, Holy Grail, Galahad, and Morgan Le Fay
I paid a total of £20.00 for 4 polish, ($31.63 approx CND) it took no time for my order to be processed and shipped to me, (which I love) and to boot this company had a stack of orders to fill over 1500 orders in the first day of the "Mythical Madness" sale! (intense) 
To say the least, I got my package today and I am in love with my colour choices. 
Aren't they gorgeous? so glamorous looking! They add a great touch to my nail rack, and Im hoping to accumulate the entire collection over time. The sale has officially ended (lasted 5 days) so polish's are back at £9.00 but I strongly encourage you all to go to the website and browse, (you will fall in love with at least 1 colour PROMISE) You can not beat free shipping either, that is so hard to come by. 
A-England Website  <---- go check it out 

I hope you enjoyed my nail mail :) 


  1. awesome colors ! Love it .. I think this calls for a good few NOTD's !!!

    Ashley xo
    Steps To Perfection...With Romanianbutterfly206

  2. Your absolutely right Ashley , it most certainly does! I know need another nail rack! Hmmm!