Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Spicy Subscription August Edition "Dress Down" Review *MATURE POST*

Hello all, Hope your all having a fantastic week this far :) I am here with an exciting little entry. As you are all aware I have signed up for a monthly service with a company called "Spicy Subscription" If you are unfamiliar with them, I posted about this service a while back, so go check it out here it will explain the service in detail. But basically to recap this subscription box is a monthly subscription that cost $13.99 (but only until October 1st so sign up now) it is a subscription service that brings a discreet intimacy box to your door every month. I first want to say that Im so beyond thrilled with this company so far, and here is why; my box was so discreet it came wrapped in a xpresspost mailer that had no indication on whom it was from (love this), when opening the box was so glamorous and adorable it can in fact be reused, it was beyond personalized with my name on the product card(I love this, it makes me appreciate the time put into these boxes) as well, it came before the month was even started! First impressions were beyond met, so great job Spicy Subscriptions. 
The products: 
System JO Lubricants Sampler Pack (Retail Value $9.00) 
There are 6 samples to try of these lubricants in 3 different kinds , JO Premium, JO All-in-one Massage Glider and JO H20 Water based. 

JO Premium - "silicon based personal lubricant, it is incredibly long lasting and silky smooth, water proof and latex free" 
JO All-in-one Massage Glider - " designed to let you relax and allow you to go safely from sensual message to sexual intimacy"
JO H20 Water based - " long lasting and washes off easily with water, silky smooth feeling, never sticky or tacky. 
Misa Nail Lacquer - "Shady Lady" (Retail Value $7.50)
"Misa's Shady Lady nail lacquer is spicy, flirty, sassy, and flashy. Wear it on a date night or for a special occasion. Either way, you'll totally love it's vibrant look! *Love this colour it's such a great pinky red, definitely will be a great ad to the nail collection*
O'My International Natural Lubricant (Retail Value $2.00)
"Water-based, easy to wash off and developed with a light formula to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin for long lasting pleasure. O'my Internationals Natural Lubricant will certainly give you the comfort desire" 
Xtra Spicies (Retail Value $6.00) 

"Every month, Spicy Subscriptions will include some "Xtra Spicies" for subscribers to try out! This month : Incense, Massage &Bath Oil and a personal cleansing wipe" 
Well everyone I really hoped you loved seeing this box. I was so super impressed with everything and can not wait to try the products. Also I just would like to mention the Customer Service is wonderful, they sent out a personalized email letting me know when this was going to ship and what I could look forward to .. the total value of August Spicy Subscription box is $24.50! That is awesome, I gained product and value :) win/win! 
Go sign up for spicy subscription by clicking here !! and use romance110 at check out to save 5% off your purchase! STAY SPICY BEAUTIES ;) 
Spicy Subscription is SHIPPING again to Canada! Please visit Spicy Subscription OR read my "Welcome Back" post for further details on important CHANGES you can view that post here


  1. I'm kind of amused that they included a bottle of nail polish. :)

  2. I knew you would be Bec , haha! Intimacy is beauty? yes?

  3. I heard about this on someone else's blog but it's the first time I see the contents. Interesting! Probably not for me, but it's pretty cool. Hopefully they have more adventurous products in the next boxes though because lube and massage oils will get boring fast I think.

  4. I as well was really intreged by this box, Intimacy is beauty, and this is Spicy Subscriptions second box only so I'm sure there will be more then just lubricants and massage oils , they did post on my beauty page and I quote "every month we focus on a certain type of product. This month's Spice Box placed an emphasis on lubricants. In the coming months, you can expect a wide variety of products such as cosmetics, bath and body, lotions, massage oils & candles, edible products and much more relating to romance & intimacy" which is exciting , July's box I believe emphasised on a personal toy, I have great hopes for them and their adventures ;)

  5. I'm signed up for this box too. And I can't wait for September's :)

  6. That's awesome!! And I love how they have holiday themed boxes too!! I might have to sign up for that subscription box!! Thanks for introducing it to me!!

    - Ashley Elizabeth
    ( http://blog.alElizabeth.com )