Monday, 30 July 2012

Beauty Correspondent Swap With Randa - July Glossy and June Limited Edition Mad Box France

Hello everyone, I first wanted to start off this blog by saying ;
Starting a new week for me means many great things! New deals, new raves and rants, weekday mail surprises and most importantly being thankful for another day. As you all know from following my blog, I have been corresponding with beauty correspondents for many months now from all across the world- from France, The United Kingdom, Belgium, and even Australia. I have also done beauty swaps with correspondents from my own country and I am such a fan! The experience is great , you experience beauty beyond what your use to and sometimes some of what you all ready know. 
My beauty correspondent Randa and I have corresponded since May and we have swapped boxes with one another. Randa's box's however seem to come alot faster then mine but I choose the cheapest method of shipping with added insurance due to the high cost of shipping parcels internationally. That being said, this will be my third box from Randa. Randa and I decided we would swap my June Glossy for her June Glossy and my July Glymm for her July Mad Box (limited edition) and some additional goodies :) 
I of course got my parcel sooner (sending her's tomorrow) but check out what Randa sent me! 
The June Glossy Box included : Givenchy Mascara , Guerlain Perfume , Payot Body Wash , Decleor Face Cream and Schwazrkopf Sun Therapy Spray
The July limited edition Mad Box included : OSense sent sticks, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour skin cream, Sally Hanson nail polish- Kook A Mango, Elizabeth Arden Skin Balancing Lotion (SPF 15) Dr Brandt' BB Cream
 and Lolita Lempicka Paris perfume. 
Randa also sent me some amazing goodies and samples, a gorgeous charm bracelet, a bottle of Bioderma, some nail stamps, 2 bottles of nail polish, make your own bath bomb set, some makeup pigments, and a yummy white chocolate bar. 
Randa never seems to disappoint me, I am forever thankful for everything I have ever received from any of my beauty correspondents as it takes time, money and effort to prepare each box. 
Thank you so much again Randa, your a gem 
PS- Your box is ready to be shipped tomorrow, it can not wait to arrive in it's new destination-- Beautiful France <3

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