Sunday, 15 July 2012

Lush "Buffy" review

Hey everyone , I hope you all had a great weekend =) I have a little review for you all today on a Lush product called "Buffy"
First and foremost if your unaware of the company Lush it's basically a company that uses all organic product , such as fruits and vegetables the finest oils and safest synthetics, Lush is also cruelty free which is a huge bonus! Lush sells products for bath and beauty from products such as bath bombs, shower jellies, lip scrubs, shampoo's , body exfoliants and beyond!
Product Review :
"Buffy" Buffy is a body exfoliant as well as a body butter. The ingredients include : ground rice, almonds and beans it's rough texture is said to eliminate lumps and bumps as well as getting ride of dry skin cells. In doing so this body "buffer" will reveal brighter, fresher skin!

First thought :
At first I wasn't feeling this AT ALL, (I didn't pick this it came in a swap) I thought the smell was over powering (smelt of organic and natural products no perfumes) and sometimes that is a hit or miss for me. Although the smell was over powering at first I looked past it and tried the product in the shower anyways. The first attempt was not great, I put it on my body and immediately took it off as it had an oil consistency. I put it aside as I do not like oil on my body. I thought it was going to lather a bit but was mistaken.

What Changed :
I spoke to a friend who is a fan of Buffy , she has spoke about this product for a long time and it is her holy grail, I trust her judgement and we have very similar taste in these sort of things. She explained to me that "yes" the oil feeling is what is suppose to be felt , and that once the product is distributed the smell wouldn't be so powerful and does not linger. The oil is felt because of the Coco and Shea butter that is combined with all the other natural ingredients. It's purpose is to exfoliate and moisturise the skin. (which makes complete sense to me now) So I gave it another shot! I bared the smell which I am still not fond of and used the product. I have been using it now for 4 days and I love the way it makes my skin feel. Although I don't tend to have dry skin my elbows and ankles tend to be drying, and it works better then moisturisers.

Personal Rating :

Overall I think I would rate this product a 7/10! I love the way it feels after getting out of the shower , I love that the product is used with all organic products, I love how it moisturises better then most lotions, however I do not like the smell, and I am not a fan of the oil texture when initially using the product. Would I repurchase? Definitely !

For the full ingredients , and facts please go to Lush Canada or a Lush near you ;)

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