Thursday 12 July 2012

Introducing Spicy Subscriptions * Discreet Intimacy Box Delivered Monthly*

Hey Beauties + Gents , Happy Thursday! =) I am bringing a rather "spicy" blog post for my readers today that has me super excited! Ultimately I usually speak of beauty products, fashion (you get it I'm sure) but this time there is a exception. Another subscription box is this exception =)

Today I welcome , Spicy Subscriptions (Spicy Subscriptions)

Spicy Subscriptions is a monthly subscription service that delivers intimacy products discreetly to your door. This monthly service brings you 5-6 samples of the newest and greatest love and intimacy products *hand picked by the spice shop*. The purpose of this subscription service is to not only allow you to try the hottest products out there for pleasure and fun but also to spice up your love life. "Lubrications" "Oils" "Toys" --- "oh my"
How It Works :

This service is $13.99 per month ( cancel any time) or $143.88 annually (cancel any time + save 17%) or send it as a gift for $13.99 , shipping is free * BONUS *

*DISCLAIMER *I promote safe sex , and Im sure this company does as well , I feel the audience for this subscription is based on 19 years (+)

July 2012 was Spicy Subscriptions very first box, to see what was in July's box please visit their website -->
I have subscribed to this service and I will be doing un boxing post's for you all =) Stay tuned! Also , stay tuned to Spicy Subscriptions and their sponsors

For anyone interested please go to their website (also listed above) --> ... Will you be getting "SPICY" ??

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