Thursday, 31 May 2012

Organix - Organic Products Shampoo + Conditioner

Hey everyone :) 

I am super excited about a product im starting to use made by Organix. I always search for natural and high quality hair products. I have done much damage to my hair over my years so I think I owe it to myself to have beautiful healthy locks. 

After researching and much hype I decided to try the Organix hair products. So many options to choose from , I choose the renweing Moroccan argan oil shampoo + conditioner. 

The only con I have initially read about this particular kind of Organix product was the amount of lather in the shampoo , which does not concern me. This product (and all shampoo's by Organix) are sulfate and paraben free, which means that the sulfates (which are what cause the shampoo to lather), and parabens, (which coat your hair and hide damage) are not taking effect because they are not in the bottle. So although to some the amount of lather can make or break a product im pleased to know the product is o-natural :) 

I am pleased to start using this product and will review it further after using both shampoo and conditioner fully. 

Price = $9.97 per 13floz bottle (385ml)

Purchased from Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada) but also can be found @ Wal-mart , Ulta, Wal-greens and CVS

Organix Webpage :)  <-- click the link to see all of Organix products.

check it out ladies , and let me know what you all think :) or if you've used it let me hear your thoughts :)

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