Thursday, 31 May 2012

Sponsor Review (Tropic Spa) + UPDATE

Hey everyone :) 
I hope you all had a great week! 

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a Canadian company to review one of their products , the  Tropic Spa Tan Home Mist Tanning Unit :)

I was a little sceptical at first. As I've never heard of this company , but after doing much research I discovered Tropic Spa had many satisfied users and was also featured on the shopping channel.

 This system is meant for those who enjoy the sun kissed look that tanning beds give but a much safer alternative - NO HARMFUL UV RAYS!!

Tanning Mist System , Easy use - Easy Storage :)

Tanning Solution used along with the mist system 
Here is what the shopping channel said 

--> The unit provides a safe and affordable tanning experience using a solution containing blends of DHA, skin moisturizers and conditioners. Your beautiful tan will last 5 to 7 days depending on proper skin care and moisturizing. It can deliver a full body application of solution in just 12 seconds! Lightweight and portable, the unit can be used in most rooms of your house and its adjustable hanger allows for easy user height adjustments.

The unit's Advantages :) 

• Cordless design allows the unit to be used in multiple locations
• Delivers multiple tans on a single charge. Simple design allows for easy kit changeover. Low tan indicator built in.
• The kit delivers 10 full body tans and comes complete with all the required accessories needed
• The unit comes assembled and will require primary charging
• Uses a clear tanning solution containing no bronzers
• Care/Cleaning: wipe with a damp cloth after every use
• Rechargeable lithium ion batteries allow for maximum power & recharges in 2 hours
• Audible tones built into the electronics provides vital user information
• Visit for more information
• Made in Canada

The system includes :) 
• Tropic Spa Home Mist Tanning Unit
• Wall Charger
• Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
• Hanger Bracket
• Pair of Exfoliating Gloves
• (10) Pairs of Plastic Gloves
• (30) Head Covers/Foot Covers
• (6) Cans of Tanning Solution
• Can of Touch up Solution
• Instructional DVD

• User Manual

*DISCLAIMER* I was given this product *FREE* to try and will give nothing but my honest opinion to my readers. 
Also, I just received the spray today so I will be using that for now as I am expected to receive the mist tanning unit in a couple weeks.  I will be doing a final update on June 15th (or close to) when I am expected to receive the entire unit.
Stay tuned , Im really excited and thrilled to be able to review this for you all

UPDATE AS OF JULY 4th 2012 :
Unfortinutly I was un-able to give this product my full review as I did not receive the entire unit from Tropic Spa or the PR I was dealing with. All I was given to try  was a can of product. Unfortinutly this was not what was promised by the company so I was unable to do a full review. This is very upsetting but to say the least Im sure this would have been a great productThe colour pay off was indeed fantastic but just so you all are aware it was streaky and blotchy and I was unable to fully see the extent of the product without the unit. As the entire purpose of this product is to give you a great overall application with the mist unit, souly using the tanning solution in the can was not effective as the colour did not appear right away  with that said I was unable to see where was sprayed and where was not.

If your a company, and asking for a product review please do not contact unless your willing to follow through (other wise a review can not really be completed) . I will not give off further information about pricing if your interested please research Tropic Spa!


  1. That is a big disappointment. Does not look very good on the companies behalf. Great post hun!

  2. It really is, I attempted to contact many times with a bunch of times promised , I just thought it's not really worth it any more if they wanted a serious review they would allow one to review fully! Thanks for the support :)

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