Saturday, 5 October 2013


Hello Beauties ,
This post is far from a beauty or fashion related post - however, I need you all to take a moment to share something, A gentleman I use to attend school with is missing and family/friends are all very concerned of his well being
Today via Facebook this was posted from Trevor Hickerson's father.
"Trevor Joseph Douglas Hickerson last contacted his Mom and I on July 6th/13 from the outbacks in Australia and we haven't heard from him since. He has been back packing across Asia and Australia for the past 15 months. He has kept in contact with us up until 3 months ago. We assumed he was somewhere with no service but now fear he is "missing"he was in Perth Australia and then went to work in the Outbacks on a potato farm as he has a one year working visa. He opened up a bank account over there for his pay to go into.He texted us on July 6th and said he was hitch hiking to Sydney airport and flying into India.He said he would keep in contact but haven't heard from him. He is 24 years old born May 8th/89. He is 5'10" tall and has brown eyes long brown hair. He wears a Toronto Blue Jays hat. He has an eagle tattoo on his right shoulder and a Led Zeppelin 4 logo on his left leg calf. If you could share this so we can find our his whereabouts and well being it would be greatly appreciated. Here is a couple of photos of him over there in the last 8 months"
If you could all tweet the facebook page set up to assist in finding Trevor using the #HelpFindTrevorHickerson that would be so much appreciated. The Facebook URL is :
Were ever you are in the world any amount of support is appreciated at this time. We are praying for Trevor's safe return 
Thanks all in advance 

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