Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Pin-Up Girl Halloween Costume Idea

Hey Beauties,
I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend , if your reading this post outside of Canada I hope your weekend was just as enjoyable -- As we all know Halloween is fast approaching (it became more real as neighbourhood children decorated for Halloween this past weekend) and this means tutorials are all over youtube and beyond. I have been seeing a lot of hype for the pin-up Halloween look this year, all the makeup, and it could even be more freaky with blood and gore.
Now I am not bringing back a tutorial but just some examples of some attire you could wear to go along with all that pretty makeup.
We all know how beautiful and bold pin up girls were ; and the first things that come to mind are what I am about to show. My idea may not be entirely legit but I thought it was fun and feminine  and would make any girl feel girly and beautiful.
I choose a corset top for the shirt because typically with a pin-up look it's either a corset top, bandeau top or a more revealing dress. For the bottom half of the look I choose sequined leggings. In Ontario Halloween nights could get a bit chilly, so I thought these would be super fun and a tad warmer than your typical pin-up high waisted shorts, skirt or dress. (If you like the idea of high waisted shorts a black legging would adorable underneath as well) For accessories , I choose - A peeped toe pump * typically worn with a pin-up look* or you can also wear a closed toe pump as well, not feeling pumps? grab an edgy peep toe flat ! Hair bows / bandanas are also worn, I like red for a pin-up look as it's bold. Pearl earrings can be worn * this is optional for the pearls* instead of pearls you can wear, bold studs such as flowers, bows etc  - and lastly for the accessories is a cat eye pair of glasses , this is also optional , but I feel a lot of pin-up looks wear these cat eye inspired glasses, -- and not to mention their adorable! And for the final touch on the outfit which I know is makeup related but I had to mention is a BOLD  RED lipstick. Whatever you choose , have fun ! Be creative , I hope this costume idea was helpful for some!
What do you see trending this Halloween? Comment Below I'd love to hear !


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    1. Thanks girl , of course with your makeup tutorial I was a tad inspired by the whole pin-up look , so I wanted to put together a costume idea ;) thanks for the inspiration!